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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Helen with the backdrop in the toilet cause it was so beautiful (to me) 

Stayed over at Helen's place right after my last paper and I'm proud to say that we're both lazy and boring people. Absolutely love it hahaha. I feel bad because ideally I'd like to take her everywhere I can before she leaves but haha oh wells. I think I love chilling on the bed while watching videos, chatting till we doze off. She's such a sweet person and I'm super thankful I met her through this assignment of mine whereby we had to photograph an entire roll on a stranger of our choice. Quite interesting for the first assignment of B&W film class. So for my final project of B&W I decided to do an entire series of Helen, which I will upload as soon as I scan the negatives haha. 

I don't know what's the point of this post but yay my lazy days are here, finally. 
To everyone else that still has papers, persevere! 

Always seek to do what is right

Monday, 25 November 2013

Pink Monday

Is it just me or does everyone else see the need of recording life
Recording and documenting doesn't mean posting all the photos you take, but don't we see the need of just capturing certain things you see just so you can remember how you felt then? You can just capture and then leave them happily in your phone album, scrolling through whenever just looking back at everything. There's just so much limitation to the human mind and I think photographing is the least we could do. Photos with words I would say.

I love documenting, especially the people around me. 
Even when I'm not in the photographs, the fact that I shot it reminds me that I am a part of them.
(Sorry am just thinking why I take so many pictures in a day)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mart's lucky day

Pictures that I couldn't decide if I should include in the final 6 hahahah. If only there was someone taking a video of the entire process while I was shooting 'Hello Stranger' It's always interesting when I look at the first photo, and then the last. The difference is so drastic! I shouldn't be blogging about this now cause I have exams coming up but haha a sneak peak wouldn't kill

Hehe and that's the aunty I see every morning cause she's in charge of my floor in my hall
She was like “Broom 可以这样用的啊”
Aiyo 不可以笑啊

I had so much fun doing this :')

Saturday, 23 November 2013

So finally we're done with Interactive Media Journal!!! So the module requires us to set up an interactive website on journalism and my group decided to do on the dying hawker culture in Singapore.

 Not sure if you all remember but I was actually interviewing certain hawkers previously and having alot of fun eating at all these places I would never travel to. 133 Ban Mian is really the best please please please go try it. I had alot of fun working with Pete (cause we split the group in half), interviewing these hawkers and hearing their story. Honestly I'm surprised by how passionate they are and how they confidently believe in the hawker culture in Singapore. I had so much fun haha

I was just scrolling through instagram that day and I realised that most of the food we post up are usually from cafes, things that look fanciful and aesthetically pleasing (like strawberries yum) Not that it's wrong or that I'm against anything, it was just a realisation on my part. I feel like we've been eating so much fast food or at shopping malls that a 5-8 dollar meal may seem like a norm to us when actually, there are such a variety of $2-$3 choices in the hawker centers. 

Ok enough of my ranting but please do go view this website my group has put together! It's actually nice to read (not being biased here) cause there's videos and the interviews are so heartfelt and honest. You get to hear what these people have to say and why they even started. Do your part and pledge to preserve the hawker culture in Singapore! 

To pledge and show your support, please click the yellow button all the way at the bottom of the page and follow @hawkersaviour on Instagram! 
#hashtag #savinghawkers

it's the least we could do
(My group and I would really appreciate it)


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Final sem show 

Finally done with my final 6 images and I'm really happy with this project that I've done. I've never liked street photography for some reason. Ok wait no, I appreciate it but it's something that I didn't see myself doing. Everything about street photography is so spontaneous, everything left by chance.
Which I now appreciate the beauty of it. Sometimes its fun not to be entirely in control on the photos you're creating, and with this project I think it's by far the most spontaneous I've done. I've no idea who I'm going to meet on the streets, what poses they'd be comfortable to do, the amount of rejection especially in the context of Singapore. The first time I went to look for a stranger was with Rachel and after walking in the scorching hot sun for the afternoon, I really wanted to drop this entire project. 

But I'm glad I did not cause when I consulted my teacher to propose the fish idea (bottom 3 images) she encouraged me with the strangers project and that gave me more confidence to continue it. And I'm glad I did! I'm hoping to continue this during the holidays and make it an ongoing project. As of now I'm really excited to see what other images can be created but I'm also fearful about how receptive the public is to this. Or like how many more strangers can I get. But I'll leave that all aside now, till December. Jie Min told me I could work towards 60 images and make them into a book rather than having a tumblr site that leaves it with no end. 

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me with this! I realise that after every project of mine I have countless of people I really want to thank. I want to thank all my friends especially Rach Pete for like listening to all my rants and my indecisive self deciding between fish or strangers. And for actually trying to come up with a concept for the fish one hahahaha that was hilarious. Like Pete found some instinctive movement theory thing which sounded quite legit. And Rach for accompanying me around :') I'm really happy when my group of friends help me honestly so thank you guys. 

And to all my friends that I've shot! Thanks for being such a sport. I know this isn't a super glamourous shoot having you guys take photos with strangers, thank you for your time and enthusiasm. Valerie, Eds, Ron, Shiyao, Mart, Helen, Joia, Joilyn, Marc, Chad, Rachel, Elias, Eds's sister thanks for being in the photos!!! I know it's not easy to do a straight face of put your arms around people you don't know. 
Esp when they get really excited about your photo, going an extra mile like Ron had to be in uniform and Shiyao said she's ONLY going to take photos with strangers now. 
Thank you thank you thank you 

And to everyone that linked me the Richard Renaldi video hahaha you guys are too cute. 
I think I've got about 10 people linking me videos, articles, websites posting on my wall
Biggest hugs to everyone and thank you for being such support <3

(I have time to post now cause my video is taking forever to render)

I'll post the photos soon when my exams are over!!! Including those that I didn't print to exhibit

Buffet with the family, thanks mum :')

Yao Khuan bought Kev and I surprise sushi 
Random gifts for no particular occasion <3 

He introduced us to toufu skin sushi just look at our crazy happy faces

Crit day for Digital Imaging is over woohoo
All is good cause I don't have to deal with changing classmates anymore.
And they're really nice classmates to have, everyone helping everyone <3
Couldn't be more thankful

But school is no where near over for me. I have another 2 submissions on the 26th and exam on the 27th. Which means I have to study and do projects, which is tough for me :/

Pray that I survive

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Thanks Rach Rachel and Blacky for today. Have been shooting in NTU for the past 2 days and I can't wait to discover more for real. I'll wanna tour NTU and look for nice spots, haha new plan.

Iphone photos for now till I get to editing the digital shots
Final semester show this Wednesday
Freeeeeeeee Fooooood 

Monday, 18 November 2013


Cousins and family came to Pulau NTU to have dinner with me :')
I have so many photos of them but I'll spare you guys with the spam

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Chris & Gab

Celebrated Gab's birthday in ADM yesterday. Chris did amazing planning for him and I really liked it haha. She did the banner that was actually a card on one side, but on the other it says GABRIEL. So sweet Chris :') Gab probably had the best gift and well designed card and cake and pictures and party hats and polaroids haha. I didn't get a shot with everyone on my birthday I realised. 
It's cool how there an ADM Hope group cause then all our birthdays have art and design element to it, which I love hahah. Well handmade personalised gift, who wouldn't?

may this last birthday spent in ADM be a memorable one haha

And biggest biggest thanks to Chris for always planning

Friday, 15 November 2013

Hans Bacher. Thanks to Theresa today I was speaking to someone so full of vest about life.  Honestly this entire semester has been a huge learning process for me, from not caring about my gpa to really loving what I do. Been through many ups and downs, but specially thankful for my friends that keep me going. I've always been looking for alternative mentors I can speak to in adm, so thankful Theresa has helped me this one. Thanks Teh <3 Sometimes being in an institute can stifle your creativity, but believe in the peace within your heart and do what you feel for, I hope I always remember that

Thanks for being such a sport <3

Despite school being hectic, I'm still enjoying it and I really want to thank God for surrounding me with such lovely friends. Can't imagine school life without them.