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Sunday, 23 March 2014

We The Furballs

Allowed myself on a short outing with Aunty Linda before service today because I think I really needed a break. I'm thankful I got to spend the time with her and her friend, niece and daughter it's quite an experience. Haha I mean to be in a car which I kinda only knew one person? But they're so friendly and nice, even paid for my drink and otah. I love how 'strangers' become friends, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I think back :') Thanks for blessing me this Saturday I had fun :>

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

13 frames

It's been a long while since I shot my sister cause she has started school and JC is madness as we all know. Coincidentally this week is their March holidays and I come home early on Thursdays, so we quickly finished up the remaining film in the camera at the carpark. Thanks Val I've missed you :( We always fall asleep before we can even converse hahaha and 'thanks' for kicking my face when I sleep at night. Anyways! Grace photo at sunset way is awesome because they're really friendly and polite, plus they develop the film in less than an hour sometimes even 15 minutes. And it's the cheapest I've seen! Glad I have a straight bus there, this is why Bukit Panjang rocks a little bit more

Three in a band

Having a band shoot was great because you get free pleasant music while you're on the job plus, they're the friends I met from ADM whom I'm very proud of. Truly all rounded artistic people who are really nice individuals as well, I think this is why I like them so much :> Thanks for being so easy going on the shoot, they just kept saying 'Do it your style, we like it that way.' 

I'm so proud of you my friends! Can't wait for them to start recording for real

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Oh Your favor and Your grace Lord
Last a lifetime

Hallelujah, You are faithful

Monday, 17 March 2014


My cool cousin has 13 guard dogs, beat that

I just realised I haven't shared these photos of my amazing experience with 13 guard dogs in Malaysia hahah. They aren't the fluffy dogs that snuggle with anyone they see, and they don't take treat bribes definitely. There's this procedure that my cousin takes us through, like smelling of hand (and no patting of their heads) and whatever not. It's really cool haha cause after a day of really knowing them all individually we became friends yay (except the boss dog, that has such an innocent name 'Rum') So ever since that day, every morning after brushing our teeth, we'd sit in their pen and just chill with them. Can't wait to go back

Oh and all of them were once strays, but my cousin rescues them off the streets in Malaysia, feed them well, took care of them and they look amazing right now. I really respect this heart and passion of hers :')

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Thanks Shityaopants <3
It's been a really tiring week for me but I'm still happy with everything God is blessing me with. Thank God for the friends you've sent my way, I want to thank God for His favour upon my life especially in school and for miraculously answering my prayers about having a mentor in ADM. I'm excited of what's to come but in the meantime, I need some sleep and energy to fuel me for the next day.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

"Essentially, an Iphone camera is as good as the Hasselblad I used to use. There's a weird judgement that comes involved with imagery that people think that every image needs to be 'high resolution'. One doesn't apply that restriction to a painting. That criteria isn't used for anything except for photography. But I don't say I create photographs anymore, I prefer to say imagery. If the image works, then who cares how many pixels is has? There doesn't seem any sense in having limitations on what kind of image capture sources we use. I'm increasingly using an Iphone-it gives me so much freedom. For twenty years, I shot on an 8x10 camera which is physically very difficult- it's a heavy piece of machinery not intended to be moved around."
Nick Knight

When I came across this quote Zhi Wei posted as his FB status, I was immediately intrigued because I love using my Iphone to capture my images. It's like I finally have a quote to back me up hahahah. My Iphone actually comes in line while I'm doing a shoot. The order usually goes like this, DSLR, Film, Polaroid, Iphone (must) hahaha it's a routine. 
Just yesterday my classmate just told me 'Viv don't be lazy and keep using your Iphone'
Hahaha yes it's true I'm quite a lazy person because my dslr is so bulky. But I don't think my Iphone pictures fail in comparison, which is why I use it all the time. I'm not sure what's the point of sharing this quote but I do think it makes alot of sense. I mean everytime you snap something it becomes part of your memory, and even if it's blur or at a lower resolution it still forms a memory. 
So, I guess yay to more Iphone pictures ;)

(But I promise I'll photograph more with a proper camera too, the comment my friend gave me made me realise that I really don't shoot with my dslr hahaha. I was just scrolling through my blog and I realised the bulk of it here are from the ever-so-amazing Iphone 5)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

(My fav outfit with Elaine)

Anyways I just realised that I've not posted my contact details anywhere. I've received comments and fb messages about my rates or if I'm available for shoots. Yessssss I am hahahah. I'll be open to do more shoots and photo jobs from now till August so do contact me if interested :>

It'll be fun

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Forest fires

I've been wanting to update this space with all the photos I've taken on my phone these past few days but school work has been pretty overwhelming lately and I'm really tired. Ironically this being my recess week, I should be having some time to rest or doing some self initiated stuff? But honestly I don't think I've had a busier week this semester thus far. Despite all the chaos with school work, on the bright side of things I'm actually liking what I'm photographing this week. So glad that this managed to kick start somehow and things just started to fall into place. Things like, the model, location, poses, time of day, mood and all that sort of stuff. 

I really want and need to especially thank all those who have helped me model in this project, none other than my dearest friends Chiew Tong, Shiyao and Edi who would do anything for my projects <3 Honestly the photos aren't exactly as peaceful as it looks. They're usually lying down on ant houses and grass with thorns which isn't very bearable. Thank you for sacrificing more than myself for the work that I'm doing!

Couldn't be more grateful

Thursday, 6 March 2014

I shot my shepherd

True friends like them

Here's my shepherd sacrificing herself in the blazing hot sun and itchy grass for my pictures :')
I pray that these sacrificial friends of mine remain my friend, and if better still multiply them

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Swim day

Really thank God for you <3
I feel special when you're this retarded around me hahaha


Meet Snowy :> Decided to walk over and meet John halfway since we both lived at Panjang. It was a nice walk and great chance to get out of the house to have some fresh air. Being home all day is great but sometimes walking around and just sitting in the playground patting a cat makes the day even greater. As much as I love being at home, I think being at home over a long period (being a few days) can be slightly detrimental. I think that's why you realise how much time one has on their hands and then you start to think and ponder about so many things. Sometimes when I'm at home, I like to turn off my internet connection and just rest in the presence of doing nothing at all. I believe we all need our days and although my mind is clouded with how much work that I've yet to think about, I believe I need this day off. I hope this isn't my lazy self speaking and trying to convince me about how breaks are essential but yeah I need a break. 

Hahaha and thanks John for bringing Snowy for a walk cause we've not met in quite long?! And all I've only been seeing Snowy through videos so seeing her in real life was nice (Although she doesn't like me cause I'm a girl AND I EVEN BROUGHT DOG FOOD OMG) It's nice to have friends living nearby because then Bukit Panjang Plaza becomes all of our favourite hangout ;)
(And ahem John is finally attached now, finallyyy. Doing you a favour by announcing this #dontkillme)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

My first shoot with Elaine Jasmine went greaaat hahaha. I was a little nervous shooting because it suddenly hit me that I've not used my dslr in a while. It's always either the Iphone, or the film cameras (ok mostly Iphone cause it's so convenient and good) But thank goodness she's super easy and fun to work with hahah made my job such a breeze and such joy. Although that day was the first time I met her in person, it wasn't all that awkward because we have been talking abit via whatsapp and talking about stuff other than shooting which warmed us up. 

Thanks for picking me to have this shoot with you and I'm so happy to have met you because you're like a contagious bundle of joy! And also for being so encouraging and understanding even during the editing process. I always feel so terrible when I compare my images with those taken with higher end cameras and lenses, puts my photos to ultimate shame. But you kept reminding me that it wasn't about the equipment and it's about my style or how I'd direct or like my photos to be. It warms my heart when people tell me to keep doing what I do and not worry about how far my 550D can bring me hahaha. Really appreciate all the encouragement you guys constantly give me :')
Biiig thank you (Sending all the snowman hugs I ever can)

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Lucy Davis

It was pretty cool how we had Nature class out in nature this week. Our guide Teck Chye is extremely knowledgable, passionate and has a quirky sense of humour which made our walk a memorable one. He had this bag which seemed small but had countless amounts of things in it. It's as if he was doremon yknow, kept pulling out books and photo albums and insect specimens hahaha. 

I should do more nature walks soon, they're really therapeutic 
It always amazes me looking just watching how passionate my teacher Lucy Davis is. She never seems to be bored of the syllabus despite her teaching this every semester. I always wonder how she finds such genuine joy even when things supposedly get boring. Hahah and I want to be like that