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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Do check her youtube 'Theodora Lau'

Keep on singing Dory 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

'First' day of school

Meet Ah Boy, I think his expression best describes me right now hahaha

I'm pretty excited for this upcoming semester because I DO NOT HAVE EXAMS. Hahaha ok besides that, I'm pretty excited for the modules I'm taking. Today was apparently my first day of school and I'm unexpectedly excited for Nature in Art. I actually took it just in case I needed more credits but after the lesson today, I'm so glad I'm taking this. Finally I feel like I'm taking a (potentially) proper fine arts module with a good mix of relevant theories. And my teacher is really quirky haha she sings when she scrolls through her PDF, I like her :> Haha I'm even more excited for this than my photography cores. I hope I'm right about this module cause I'm so happy right now, and I hope I don't regret this later. 

School's great right now, but I still do get really sleepy in the afternoons especially after my cai fan lunches. But I'm glad that the timetable isn't as bad as I thought it'd be and I hope it remains this way.

Btw I'm trying to raise funds for my own exchange so if any photography jobs please do contact me :> Currently all savings go into the 'Vivien fund' and I'm trying to find ways to ease my parents load as much as possible. Any suggestions? I'm even considering selling my paintings or art work if anyone even wants to buy them. It'd be dream come true hahaha. Please help meee here


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I'm glad I got to witness her results day today

Praise God to infinity and beyonddd 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Daniella & Janella
(And Charis for always helping me out!)

Found these while looking through my harddisk these few days. I've never posted or edited these, but here they are now! The lalangs have changed so much since then. 

I have been staying home cause I've not been feeling too well. Home is great, especially when you have friends come over to stay one by one hahaha. One of the best ways to enjoy your day :>

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Finally met my Jc friends for sushi express again hahah it's always nice when we meet up
Must be all that A'level stress that got us really close knitted together. We probably all saw each other at our worst haha and I'll always remember how each of them helped to pull me through the big As. They really really do help you. We have our very own Alfie to check through all our essay plans and we compile, print them into a booklet and distribute. Real teamwork with these people. 

Hooking arms is the way to go 

It's Tolidos and it's a great place with good food and lovely ambience. 
I'm just too lazy to rewrite this cause I'm already in my Pjs

Met Shiyao in the evening to have nice by affordable dinner cause we both love offers. She's hilarious as usual and is always a joy to be with. She sets my on laughing fits cause of the things she say. These are things only Shiyao would ever say or do. Like eat spaghetti off the table which has already been there for 10 seconds. Clearly the 3 second rule doesn't apply to her hahaha. Which explains the hashtag. Love you and we're missing you Lim Mart

This is a really short one cause I've got to up early tomorrow but the pictures do speak alot so

Thursday, 2 January 2014

So precious

Headed down to Jurong East Swimming complex and the best thing was, everyone swam hahaha. Usually if I went with my parents, my mum wouldn't be in the pool but this time everyone swam even my grandma! I have photos of her on film but not on my Iphone haha will develop them soon. 
So literally everyone swam together haha and that was extremely nice

Because initially uncle Jeff kept coming up with excuses to not soak his head in the water. 

Dearest Ahmah was so happy with our Pyjamas party haha. She even got my uncle to get her mattress down for her to sleep with us in the living room hahah. 

Oh Joia hahaha

"Hey Jiejie Vivien look at me"
HAHAHA her soaring high pants. Way oversized pjs man

This has to be one of the yummiest I've had. I love eating at their place cause both Aunty Krys and my grandma and such great cooks!!! That plain aglio olio was really really good, it's making me so hungry right now. Aunty Krys cooks really fast and comes up with awesome meals. She prepared marinated korean bbq chicken for this slumber party. Thanks for being so sweet and thoughtful all the time <3

We literally played non stop, from princess puzzles to card games. These girls are so pumped up with energy and I hope I'll always have the energy to keep up. They're always so genuinely excited to show or tell you everything that they're interested it haha really cute. 

And of course, snacks. Aunty Krys prepared a bag of unique snacks she got from JB and Taiwan. I think we all love the cheese popcorn best because it doesn't really taste like cheese hahaha. 
It's savory and taste like garlic. Love garlic

Joilyn and Joia insisted that they were gonna stay up all night but we all knew they wouldn't be able to hahah. Joia was asking for an ice patch so that she could cool her eyes, and she also kept dripping eyedrop to stop her eyes from closing. So we had to trick her saying 'Why not just rest for a while. Not sleep, just close your eyes'

And in 3 seconds, they're out hahaha

I'm glad I got to spend New Year's Eve with my family. I treasure the time I get to spend with my grandma, cousins and relatives cause it's just so precious yknow. I mean who else better to spend my new year's eve with. Treasure it while you still can, treasure it while they're still around. 
Don't wait till you lose it and start regretting not loving them enough 

I love Uncle Jeff and Aunty Krys for opening up their house to us, allowing us to sleep in the living room, spamming us with so many pillows love and food (we ate alot) I remember how we had this conversation between my sis and my uncle aunty, we were talking about how we were little my uncle would drive me to school everyday. He would reward us with a dollar each day if we could recite a memory verse. Yup we were pretty rich primary school kiddos. Firstly, why would my uncle be driving us to school. He has to wake up so so early?! That I'm so grateful. And also before Uncle Jeff married Aunty Krys, he showered us with so much love. We were one of the first cool kids who had a skate scooter and Heelys. I remember how he'd photoshop us into our favourite shows like Powerpuff girls or like how he'd do my art homework for me. He loves us very much and really wanted the best for us. Aunty Krys was my outgoing aunty, we could do everything and anything together. We'd make bread, had stayovers, always wanted us at her place and played at the garden. Honestly, I don't think we were very fun kids she could have jolly well preferred her friends who are her age. I was 14 then? Uncle Chris and Shen shen are big parts in my life too. They'd bring us to the zoo and also made sure we had individual outings with them. I remember how they valued us individually and not just bring us all out together for convenience sake. They'd buy gifts for us randomly, and made sure they bought the same design cause Valerie and I usually like the same stuff hahaha. My family used to meet every Sunday for dinner and we'd have this family hug which I just had just now from Aunty Krys. 
'Love you' she told me

Yeah man, they really do love us

 And now it's my turn. I'm 20 now, and Joia and Joilyn are 7 & 5. My family didn't just so happen to be this loving, there was effort, love put into action. Love verbalised. And we the privileged get to be living under the love of my uncles and now their wives too. Me being the oldest cousin in my dad's side, should continue this and it's by me loving my parents sibgling cousins grandma uncles and aunties. Return the love and this continues. The young learn and carry this on in their own families. I guess this is how the family builds and that's one of my biggest wish. 

Family is something I'll never feel guilty for prioritizing. It always feels right and it makes me really happy. I'm thankful my dad married my mum, I'm glad my uncles married my aunties, I'm thankful my grandma loves and approved them all. I'm thankful they believe in the importance of family and I hope this keeps on growing, continuing cause I believe it's something so precious that can never be replaced. 

And I can never be more grateful but I'm so thankful that we all believe in Christ