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Saturday, 27 July 2013

So they say live like you only live once, but why not live everyday?

Friday, 26 July 2013

My sister <3
Haha this girl opened her film cam accidentally while there was still flim inside and produced these beautiful light leaks. 
Jealous right now cause my Bali one didn't have such :<

Love this photo very much for some reason
Here's a fraction of Bali from my DSLR
I've developed my film photos from my sis's toy camera!!! Pretty good for something so light and plastic. It doesn't even have the focal distance thingy so you basically just press, and turn it to the next. That simple. Currently waiting for Rach to develop her slr photos cause she used it on the trip, couldn't possibly be shooting with dslr, toy cam, polaroid and Iphone right. Plus her film pics during Mirage were so pretty hahah. This blog post is to pressure Rach to quickly develop her films!!!!!!! She already promised to develop on Monday. So I'll probably be uploading the Bali photos according to the days :> Gotta sort them all out man. I can't wait, can't waittttt

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Jap food with Miss H yum yum. Finally we managed to get dinner together because everyone knows Miss H is a busy lady hahah thanks for taking time to have a meal together. I'm very thankful for Miss H and it all started in secondary school in St Margs. I have never been very academically inclined but thank God by His grace I'm in NTU now hahaha. Me being in uni might actually may come off as a huge surprise. I first witness that when I scored relatively well (Good in my standards then) everyone was in shock. Hahaha to me I was thinking 'Isn't that an average mark?' Yeah I'm thankful and all but why the big reaction. So yeah probably learnt that I'm not really expected to do very well in life with a 215 in PSLE. So to all those taking major exams or struggling academically, don't give up! 
Get your head in the game (High school musical coming in handy here)

Yes so art. I'm thankful that I somehow managed to be doing art till now. It wasn't exactly my first choice cause I've always known to be the black girl that plays netball for life. Since primary school I've been playing (doesn't mean I'm very good at it, I'm normal) till I was sec 3 when I encouraged to take art as an O'level subject. Somehow I did, and you have no idea how grateful I am to have made that decision. Also to my parents for allowing me to do so cause I've heard of many cases whereby they're not really allowed to pursue art, more so fine arts. Plus it was by faith cause I really had no background.  You should have seen my first drawing, not only was a lousy, I was lazy too. I still remember very clearly how we were asked to draw the classmate sitting OPPOSITE us. But I decided to be lazy and draw Namirah who was beside me cause then I only needed to draw half a face. I felt so sorry for her cause I made her look like a frog, can never forget the look on her face when she saw it. But guess what, the instructor lifted up my work and said 'Picasso in the making because he always draws his portraits side view' I couldn't react to that really cause firstly I didn't really know who Picasso was, secondly how could something so terrible be complimented and what a terrible way to start making friends. My classmates must be thinking 'Oh that teacher's pet' Hahaha but anyways I loved my SMSS art friends they've changed my life I don't think they even know this and I'm not gonna blog about it here cause it's too damn long. 

Yeah so as time progressed, I really enjoyed art periods cause I didn't have to be highlighting and reading from textbooks. It was such a great break! Hmm perhaps like recess but without food :> Slowly but surely I did improve tremendously in my opinion. From not knowing how to draw, I ended up being able to shade QUITE realistically. And I really like it there cause I could define the work the way I want it to, and had the privilege of having an amazing teacher who could mentor me in work and in life. My self confidence improve (and is still improving very slowly but surely). Can't explain how it did but it's through all the very small details and encounters that made me feel belonged in this area. My classmates were the most helpful and they are the people I can see everyday for the whole day. We practically lived in the art room. Yknow how rare it is for the sec 4s sec 5s art club girls to all bond with one another. Pretty cool right? To me it is hahaha

And now that I'm doing art, the person I constantly go back to would be Miss H cause I feel the most comfortable seeking her for advice. Whenever in doubt or in crisis (like my A'level work hahaha) she'd be there for me be it emotionally or with advice on my work. I'm so glad I found a mentor that would guide me despite me graduating donkey years ago and sincerely wants to see me do well. There are so many instances that she has been there for me and I wished I could document all of it but I know I'm really typing way too much and she hope she doesn't read this. She's really an awesome person can't emphasize it enough. 

So thankful for you, wouldn't be who I am today if not for you
Not that I'm anything damn big uh but yeah as you can see I'm loving art ever since I've started it and have been greatly blessed. And of course to my parents they've been great pillars of support even now.
I wished I had someway of showing them how grateful and blessed I am. 

(Idk how photos of jap food linked to this but happy reading and congrats if you've made it all the way to the bottom.)

Shoot with SPMS NTU yay

Had the chance to shoot my first ever school pageant thanks to Clarissa! Thanks for hiring me 
haha it was fun working with you :> Only on the shoot day itself I realised she's been coordinating everything herself. Like the sponsors, the bus to get to the shoot, the make up, the funding. Wow right?
Good job Clarissa hope the photos did your efforts justice :>

To be honest I was a little worried shooting 12 individuals who have no idea how to model. Cause you have to direct them all differently and it's hard not to reuse ideas (a problem I potentially could be facing) But I think this went relatively well! Thanks to Gerald too (Clarissa's bf hahaha) he was really great to work with, super glad he came along seriously.  He was there brainstorming with me as well haha it was great fun. So yes all photos by the both of us! Haha I was so happy cause it wasn't like a 'Hey you're in my way I can't shoot yknow' We were just giving in and just not being calculative on who shoots what etc. Love it man, loveee it. I love working with nice individuals so thank you Gerald! And he made me really realise the wonders of a full frame camera and for the first time I actually saw what a 17mm lens could do. IT'S VERY VERY WIDE ANGLED SO COOL. Btw Leonard very generously lent me his lens to bring overseas hahaha I mean who would lend me their expensive stuff to bring abroad right. Thanks Budzzzzzzzz you rock

Hahah I'm actually quite happy with the couple shots cause if you took a video of the entire shoot, you'd probably sense the awkwardness and all the shyness between the pair. But according to Kylie, she actually told me that they look genuinely like a couple. 
Biggest. Compliment. Eva <3

Hahaha but they're so cute and co operative despite it being awkward. So thank you for working along with me and making it a joyful shoot. It was such an experience! 

C'mon everyone please help to like the photos on their FB page 'SPMS Pageant 2013' haha the shots they have there are different from the ones that are on my blog. Please and thank you :>

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I finally can stay up to edit everything I've be lagging behind on

Got bored, picked up the dried baby breaths on my table and yup photoboothed
Tryna kill time while waiting for wetransferrr
C'mon wifi, you can do this 
'Bring out the best in everyone'

I'd think that'd be great way to live life 

Panda panda panda

Candy corn removal #1/ IKEA with Eds

Some of you would have known, I'm having this corn/wart (idk what else you can call it) 
on my left foot. It's been quite a while but I've been so lazy so I managed to get 
an appointment today. Doctor says he'll have to liquid nitrogen it for like 4-6 times 
Oh myyyyyyyyyy :<

Wonderful Eds accompanied me to the hospital today yippee. Big biiiiiig hug for you 
She's named the thing on my foot 'candy corn.' It's gross really.Felt so embarrassed showing the 
doctor my foot. It hurts but after a while you kinda get used to it. Hopefully this heals quick

I'm always so happy when I'm with her haha. And I loveeeeeeee hanging out with Eds. 
We can meet anywhere, and do nothing. That's the best. We don't really do anything.
Love it when we go over to each others homes. 
Just chill, cook, watch movie, afternoon naps hoho 

And thanks for letting me take photos of you all the time <3 
Trust me, there were quite alot of people walking pass whileI was snapping. 
But she just stood lika statue 
Bravo Edi 

I'm posting this before my Bali photos cause I've been busy haha haven't got time to edit or sort it out.
And photos with Edi don't stress me up yknow, not like photoshoots or BALI. 
Just a warning, don't expect too much on the Bali photos hahaha tyvm

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Away from 5 days. 
It's just me flying ahahahah

My first ever Maternity shoot!

Tried to limit the number of photos I'm putting up on the net cause I think maternity shoots can be a little private? So just thought I'll share minimal number of shots here. Glad I got the chance to do this cause never would I think of shooting maternity, all thanks to Pei Hong who linked me up with her friend. Thanks for trusting me with a job despite me having not much of a clue hahaha. Although I've never known her friend prior to this, I felt so happy knowing that she has given birth to a baby girl! Haha heart warming to know :> And it's also one of the rare times I have to do it in a studio but looking at these, I pretty like the effect! It looks so artistic and emotive. Like it's more than just a pretty picture, it's a narrative. Such a blessed baby, to have photos of herself even before birth.

This summer has been a pretty surprising one
Stay open minded and live everyday to the fullest :>

Ming Xiu

Han Mo

Melvyn Koh
Yu Wei
Amanda Swee

Jie Yi

I was teaching her this method called blind drawing. So basically you draw while looking at your subject and not looking down at the paper at all :> 

Joey's back!!! Haha definitely had to make time for this before I leave cause I haven't met her since December :< Miss her so much. Haha and I'm glad nothing has changed despite her studying abroad in Australia. Pokz thanks for always being there, knowing my heart and head best you always know how to advice me. One day I'll fly to Melbourne hopefully and we can have a mini holiday there togetherrr

Headed down to Sunshine plaza for the best custard paos. This beats Swee Choon hands down for sure! I'm sure why everyone loves Swee Choon custard paos but maybe it's cause you guys haven't tried the ones from Victor's Kitchen. I LOVE THEM, please try them. Go visit at like 3/4pm, the crowd isn't usually there haha. And also Merely Ice cream is just around the corner. I think it's my fav ice cream place cause they have fantastic ice cream and it's so cosy in there. Plus!!! There are power points so it's great to have ice cream while you plug in your phone or laptop. My fav flavours are salted caramel butterscotch (I think that's the name) and coconut. The coconut beats the one in Chatuchak Bangkok hahaha no kidding. And the price is really reasonable! Totally worth it :>

I actually went down only to support my juniors from NY hahaha. I'm so super duper proud of you guys! Awesome work you guys. I'm still so amazed by the work although it's my second time viewing it already haha. These pieces are exhibiting in Lasalle so go check them out! Photos doesn't do these justice. 
Good job good job NYJC AEP pride :>

Had to upload these before I leave for Bali (In 9 hours haha) & can't wait to crash Joey's house when I'm backkk. See you soon pokz <3

Friday, 12 July 2013

See ya Rach in 2 daysss

Sneaks from Fairebelle my personal fav 
I'm typing this with my eyes barely open but I think I should blog nonetheless cause when I'm back I wouldn't have the excitement to do this. Haha it's like how I usually love to edit after the shoot cause you feel excited. Although the weather today wasn't what we all expected it to be, the rained eventually cleared up and thank God for the wonderful sun! Blessing in disguise cause then it wouldn't be so hot. Imagine Mabel changing into so many different outfits if the sun was scorching hot haha she would have melted. I'm happy watching her so happy :>

Can't wait for the launch next week yippee
It's actually our first full outdoor shoot cause we usually shoot in the cafes 
& I think it went pretty well yay for 3 of us

Gonna crash its 4:35am now & I haven't packed for my trip