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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Our hall yay

Haha plucked out polaroids from the MAIN wall which is at home. So right now the wall at home looks like a world map or something. Anyways, we're submitting this for best decor room so hopefully we'll win something :>

Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's 3am now and I'm actually posting something without photographs. 
Yknow how they say when time passes 2am, you start thinking a lot and start talking gibberish? Yeah that's me now. Really random post but I'll type it anyways. 

Some of you may know that I actually have a private blog and it's frustrating to me cause it'd be great if I just had one? But having a public blog with everything you think/say is scary too cause it might get you into trouble. High chances that you'd get misunderstood and I can already imagine all the potential mess I can get myself into. But then again it's sad that I can't be completely open about everything I think or feel here. Or more like I have to talk about things that are 'safe'

Not that I'm fake here, I promise I'm not but I guess I'm more heartfelt on my other blog. I literally type everything I feel think or experience. I believe in documenting? Cause it helps with self reflection I guess. Helps you look back and remember where you came from. 
Therapeutic, definitely. 

So yeah I don't even know what's the point of this post but I really should sleep now. 
Gibberishhhhhhhh goodnight

Helen, once a stranger

Developed my first roll ever on my own (with Clara's help too) in the school's darkroom today. 
I've got only one thing to say

It's amazing. 

To be honest I wasn't THAT interested in dark room for some reason, not sure why either. But wow thank goodness this is a core module that I have to take cause I think I fell in love with how amazing developing your own film is. It's like you can determine almost everything! Like how faded you want it, how much contrast, the size, the exposure time and more. And you basically watch how a white light sensitive paper transforms into the image you have on negative

So now I know why people all wanna do darkroom, now I know. 
I'll definitely upload more proper photos but I only managed to get these 2 enlarged today. And they look slightly reflective cause the photo was wet, but I was too impatient and had to leave so haha that explains it. 

I really should be sleeping cause I'm sick but I have work to do
So by right I shouldn't be blogging but yup a quick post wouldn't kill ;)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Model: Eleen Yong 
Styling: Adeline & Joceline
Make up: Charis Ooi

This is probably something very different from what I usually shoot but probably as improptu as well. Knew a day before that my cousin Eleen was heading over to Singapore for a weekend stay cause she was going to walk for FSO. So since she was gonna stay at my place, why not try shooting! Haha partly cause Adeline and Joce shifted nearer to me, we were actually thinking of shooting more together during our summer hols. 

Although everything was really last minute, it somehow managed to come to pass. Charis so willingly came over to my place to do the make up. Thank you so muchhh Carebear <3 She's the one that has been doing all the make up for most of my shoots :') And it's not like she's trying to build a portfolio or anything, she's just really this nice and helpful. She's one of those who so selflessly help people and it makes me wanna do the same (I'm trying guys hahahaha)

We actually had 3 outfits for this shoot that was shot right at my own carpark haha. All the clothes and accessories all belongs to the Mc Spicy Twins (Adeline & Joceline hahaha). They paired everything, dressed her up. Wow I was so impressed. They were really versatile with everything and to think that these are things they owned in their very own cupboards, wow right. I'll probably upload the rest next time cause I'm actually only uploading now cause Joce needed them for something and I realised I haven't uploaded these. 
And they aren't just great at styling, they're even amazing artists themselves. They can seriously do everything from painting to drawing to drawing to digital art. They made me digitally drawn birthday card of me as disney princesses hahaha I'm so honoured cause for the first time someone drew me with such effort and I was a princess heh. 

Eleen is my cousin from Malaysia and I was so stressed just thinking about shooting her. But she was really nice shooting with a noob like me, really patient too. You should google Eleen Yong I think you'd find her photos or maybe her fb page or something. She's really really tall and does lots of runways and shows. WAS SO HAPPY THAT SHE LIKED THE PICS
Hahaha best way to feel accomplished when someone uses the photo you shot as their DP

More collaborations please anyone ;)

Randomly found this amazing place with my JC classmates during the National Day holidays and I'm so going back! It's called 'The Loft' at Chinatown. 

One advice on what to order if you're looking for something sweet.
They are all super yummy but if you're a student like me who needs to save money, take my advice!
Hahah get the brownie with vanilla ice cream, doesn't look as appealing as all these but trust me on this. 
Cheapest and tastes the best! (Image of that isn't uploaded btw)

Btw great place to chill and spam photos, have some polaroids. Haha I didn't really spam much cause yknow was too busy eating #whatsnew Do visit! And the coolest thing is that they have the highest floor set as a place to have praise and worship (Yes it's like 3 floors high) 


Monday, 26 August 2013

Bali Day 2

Did some shopping before we went to Tanah lot 

I bought this at such a good price. 3 knitted beanies for 10 Singapore dollars. But sadly my head can't fit haha so I bought them for my baby cousins. 

Walking candy floss

The best lunch ever, probably the cheapest too

Petrol in Vodka bottles

App from the Iphone 5 

Our very cute tour guide

So the waves there was huge enough for these people to surf
(The next few shots are shot with this cool film Rachel bought, I've no idea what is it but it's nice)

I actually wanted to make a Gif out of this cause it's so beautiful just watching the waves. Was trying to think how I can best capture this, so maybe next time when I'm less lazy I'll do the gif

Resting with some coconut juice + watching the sunset


Sunset from the Iphone, sorry I got really lazy

Lazy lazy lazy, hope you guys still enjoy these photos
I know I'm taking forever to upload these Bali photos 
Slowly but surely ok

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I shot a stranger today
Her name is Helen
And we're stranger no more

Got to shoot Helen today for an assignment which requires us to photograph a stranger in black and white film, 12 shots. She's an exchange student in NTU,German and stand at 180cm tall :) What I really wanted out of this project was to make a friend and I thought it'll be good if I could photoshoot an exchange student cause they're new here and probably wouldn't mind more friends.
 And this turned out to be a greaaat decision, I actually used all 36 shots hoo-ray. 

Honestly, I was a little afraid doing this cause I've never worked with a complete stranger before I think? And it was quite a challenge cause I don't even know what I wanted from the photos. But what I hoped was that her personality would shine through the shots I had of her. Hahaha cheesy much but true. Well now I'm worried that things may get a little overexposed cause my teacher made us use the 400 ISO b&w film. But haha who knows?
The beauty of flim. 

She has never done a shoot before so I'm honoured that I'm the first photographing her. Thanks to Pei and Chiewy for introducing me to Helen! I'm so glad I met Helen today cause after the shoot we were just hanging out and having lunch. We even met at night at Jurong point to help her settle some stuff she needed. Really glad I got to meet you today Helen!

Monday, 19 August 2013

His mode of transportation on this artistic red bike 

First time I'm Zhi Wei intentionally but this also happens to also be his farewell. 
He's flying to US tmr at 11pm. Thankful that he wanted to meet despite having not packed. Met for breakfast at Starbucks HV. Wasn't expecting today to happen actually cause he told me he'll be majorly hungover the night before. Plus he asked for a wake up call and when I saw his last seen, it's was 5:30 am oh goodness. Funny thing was when I texted him 'I don't think I'll wanna wake up call you looking at your last seen timing' One minute later he replies 'Sup hahah'

Hahah yeah so we met up, saw all his beautiful works really. Like everything he hasn't posted and probably won't ever get to cause he has so many shoots. I saw all the behind the scenes of my fav shoot of his. The model is so cute oh my goodness seriously. She was like a little child riding his red bike being all happy and quirky. Plus everything was shot in film?! He spam the film like a dslr it's mad. I asked and he said 10 rolls. And his film cam is too cool, it's square format and works like a kaleidoscope kinda way. Haha had so much fun just viewing. And he's a very generous guy like even in terms of sharing information? I guess that's rare cause people in similar industries aren't this nice open and genuine to sharing good info. I appreciate his good intentions alot but sadly I was so lost with everything he was saying I just nodded and nodded haha. But hey not everything is in vain I did grasp and learnt alot too. Weird saying this but I want to be like him, ever ready to give and share. Not that I want to be fake or anything but it's something I really want to learn. If God can give you this much, He can give you so much more. I used to get annoyed with my sister coping me but why be? Haha if God can bless you, He can bless you so much more.

Gave him a little note which tore how embarrassing. Left with a warm grizzly hug haha I think he was having fever cause he was damn warm. 
So yay for me, and till you're back again in Dec!!

(All these are late posts extracted from my private blog. I've been documenting there cause I wanted the 'Sports Pageant' post to be the latest for a period of time cause I think most of the viewers wanted to see those photos. So here I am now re-posting parts from my private blog. SO DON'T GET ME WRONG. I'M NOT PLAYING WHEN SCHOOL HAS ALREADY STARTED. 
I'm actually thinking v v v hard ok.) 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Met Chiew Tong before church today cause she wanted to bring me to this mama shop nearby. Thanks so much for wanting to help and trying to be a part of my project. You knew that I was really stressed up by it cause I didn't know what to do, so thanks for showing me this mama shop today to help me with it! Although we didn't get to shoot at all (And that my HW still isn't decided or done when it's due on tuesday) I'm glad we managed to walk around that area. We both literally squat on the floor looking v amused while being engrossed by the beautiful gorgeous cat. Saw quite a few heart warming scenes as well that I didn't manage to capture at all cause they happened too quickly. We concluded that our eyes are the best cameras. 

Thanks so much for the cupcake and the note you wrote, esp the time you wanted to spend with me today on my work. Thanks for being so understanding even though we didn't get to shoot today. Thanks for being so thoughtful and I'm so happy to have a shepherd like you. 
So thanks thanks thanks for everythinggg

And I'm so glad that this is your first ever wide polaroid. 
Oh the joy that comes with that 

Met John the photographer at Audi Fashion Festival this year and uh yup here's us hanging out our neighbourhood none other than Bukit Panjang. Haha pretty random I suppose cause we didn't think we were both bukit panjang-ers. And we only realised that like on Friday, which then led us to meet on Saturday for Macs Bfast, which I was extremely late for cause I was supposed to meet at 10:15 but I only woke up when he called, which he got my number from Zhi Wei who is in the US. Very very resourceful, good job. If not for the wake up call, I'd be sleeping till 12. And I'm glad I did make it for breakfast cause yes it made my morning. 

Well I had fun hahah just talking and listening to how this dude learnt and knew people in the industry. I'm like 'Whut you're shooting for this?!' or like 'Omg you earn so much?!' Yeah pretty noob I am but ya we still managed to have breakfast without him having to punch my brains or something. Same thing happened for Zhi Wei. I just felt like a student who was pretending to digest and understand all the precious skills and tips he was trying to teach me. You guys are all so nice hurhur. John dresses very well and he's in this Enquire SG competition go check it out plz (HAHA JOHN DON'T KILL ME FOR THIS) 

I've nothing really much to say but I'm glad to have known you better cause you are seriously fun to hang out with and here's to more neighbourhood adventures yay


Friday, 16 August 2013

(That's Miss Hew thurd from the left! )
Met up for a mini farewell dinner for Wei Ting, she's flying this Sunday
It's amazing to have been in AEP in the first place. Whenever I think back about my journey through my sec 4 life all the way till now, I still can't believe that I'm where I am today. My education path has indeed been a miracle and being in AEP is another. Never would I have dreamt that I'll be doing something like this, having the chance to meet people with the same passion, belonging to a place whereby I feel understood and supported. Yknow how art makes you think alot about life and everything else. Even those who don't plan to do art in the future, like example Jun Kai. He doesn't put off the questions I ask him about my assignments. Having not using that part of his brain for so long, I would have guessed he would say something like 'Siao think so much for what' He didn't at all and could even engage and help. So I'm thankful that these people understand why art students think a certain way, why we question certain things and it's not cause we want answers, we just want some sort of enlightenment I guess. Haha this doesn't mean we have deep stressful conversations during dinner, it was actually a good mix of both. I had so much fun just laughing at and with them, reliving all the moments in the art room where we'd do silly things. We were actually revealing all our 'secrets' that we kept from our teacher. Like how my friends sneaked to a red light district in the middle of the night in Melbourne (while on AEP trip) with my guy friend being dressed in a girl's v-neck top scarf leather jacket and make up. Or like how they sneaked out of coursework time to watch Harry Potter, how we have 7 meals a day. We really eat like monsters and I think it's cause we were very bored of doing our work and we make excuses to eat haha. 

I miss having a class like this for 2 years, never get bored of seeing their faces everyday. They really funny people. LIKE THE REAL DEAL FUNNY, LAUGHING FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART KINDA FUNNY. People that make you go 'HAHAHAHA' I love their sense of humor, I fit and clique with this bunch I wished I could call family. I guess being like minded helps. We're lazy but yet not lazy in the things we love, we have the same priorities and we know what we want. I remember when it was near submission day, we had to sleep over in school, me and Theresa entered the Mac lab to find Adeline sleeping on the floor on top of nicely laid sheets of newspaper. So she literally laid a bed of newspaper for herself to sleep on. I wonder what makes her think that sleeping on newspaper is any cleaner than sleeping on the floor. My art teachers really care for us alot and I wonder how they have the heart to be there for all their students every year. Just seems like they never do run out? And when I meet seniors in ADM whom I've never met in JC before, we're still nice warm and friendly. And I believe it's really the teachers who set the culture of the school you're in, esp to Miss Hew haha everybody loves her cause she's really very motherly and loving towards us. Hahahaha I miss them so so much but sadly it's something that can never happen again? That's the thing about memories, you keep them but somehow the magnitude and the impact of things fade with time. I think the least I can do is capture things visually and when looking back together, we can reminisce and share the same joy

I miss you guys :/
All the best Wei Ting! You amazingly talented girl, you'll do great
We all believe in you <3