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Friday, 10 February 2017

It's been a long long longggg while since I typed here. It's like 2am now and all the sudden I remember the existence of my blog and here I am now trying to type some random gibberish. It's abit late for 2017 goal setting and honestly I don't have any "goals" to meet but I do know that I want to document more about random things in life. I mean I already do but they're mostly on my phone but I shall TRY to photograph with my camera. Hahaha now I'm worried saying things on the internet. Please don't hold it against me if I get lazy again but yes I will try. Oh and that's Natalia <3 I will upload more pictures soon and talk more about this shoot in another post. My hard disk is in a huge mess so I'll try to sort my life out in general and put things up here again. 

To anyone that is still reading 
Hello again :-)

Friday, 14 October 2016

Hahahahah this makes me so so happy really. When people are really happy and having fun, it makes you feel the same somehow :')

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Ky made this choker necklace with her own hands and genius mind. I told her we needed pictures of this gem so that everyone can see how beautiful it is and so we did :-) Thanks for coming over to visit me againnn, I love it whenever we're together 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

I should probably be posting a much more wow picture of Koh Samui thus far but somehow I really like this one haha. I'm strange I know. I've been on the island for 2 weeks now, here for an internship and I'm very thankful to be doing this. Perhaps to you it seems more like a holiday than work yknow, but it really is both. I remember Sylvia telling me how working here doesn't feel that much like work because of how beautiful this place is. We work hard but we also get to experience life here. Main takeaway for me is getting to meet people. Over here I'm meeting host and just interacting with people in general. I have to say that this island is beautiful but I'm more touched by how wonderful people here are. I've already had many many experiences with amazing people I'm meeting and I love that so much. Hopefully I get to do enough portraits and write stories about them haha. Even if I don't and only manage a few, it's better than none :-) 

Being here has challenged me alot, taught me much. I've never felt so challenged before to be honest, made me how sheltered I was in Singapore and how much more I could be doing. Never scarred so much and fell down so hard- literally. I'm coming home with battle scars hahaha. Sylvia if you're reading this, thank you for everything:')