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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

'Don't disappear ok?'

Eds: You guys can't judge me cause you're my friends
Jieyang: Not like I had a choice
Hahahahahah we love you still Eds

Today Eds and Jieyang came to my secret place, none other than my car park haha. I love spending time there alone most of the time, it's a great place to lie down but not exactly the cleanest hahah. It's great how we live in the West so they can come over late and leave even later. I think everyone I've brought up there loves it cause it's quiet and windy yet shaded. So today we sat while I watched them have their wanton mee. I like them both cause they're nice (like really truly nice people) and very honest about who they are as a person. I had a warm fuzzy wuzzy feeling while photographing them both having a conversation cause I realise how much we treasure this friendship and yet sadly we can't meet as much as we want or should. I see Edi more than I see Jieyang but it's ok I always see him happy with Amanda on instagram and that makes me happy hahaha. 

You know you're true friends when you can do absolutely nothing but yet still feel so accomplished
Time spent together is gold

(Btw they're friends I met over at A&F. Never thought I'd like my workmates so much to the point whereby we meet up randomly cause we just miss each other)

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Dearest Megan

Trying her very best even with her finger muscles hahaha

Haha Megan pulling her hair in frustration cause she can't seem to get the toy ahahhaaha
She's so funny and she's only 6 months :>


I really can't get over these Christmas photos and it's already been 3 days. 

I've been showing my close friends videos that my cousin sends me via whatsapp haha. It's so so hilarious that I've watched it more than 15 times. Basically there's 2 of it with them filming the minions singing One Direction's Best song ever. And they're entire conversation was recorded hahaha. 
"Shaking is better"

Haha idk whats the logic behind shaky videos being better but that's what the younger girl Joilyn said hahaha. I'm sorry guys please bear with me I'm obsessed with these little cousins of mine that I had to stop instagramming their faces. My poor friends have to listen to me talk about them all day long. 
I just wished they could meet you all then you'll know they make me love them so much?!!

Ok stop. I promise this is the last Christmas photo I'll be posting here. 
I can't wait for our countdown pj party haha. Joia (who has whatsapp) already told me we're gonna be watching loads of movies and having lots of snacks. I've learnt today her fav drink is 7 up hahaha. 
We're gonna be having cute pjs including my grandma hahaha

Slumber party with them I can barely waiiiiit. 

Light it up

Always remember that you can be the salt and light where ever you are

(Btw I'm so sorry for all the comments I've yet to reply cause somehow or another I don't get notified anymore. And to make things easier, I'll have a title for every post cause then it's easier to identify if any post has been commented on. I hope I don't run out of titles hahaha. Btw thanks everyone who has commented really appreciate it haha I love reading comments)

Friday, 27 December 2013

Blessed Christmas everyone

The 'photobooth' 

I think they find much joy in throwing water bombs at me hahah

Extremely young at heart. They were playing this for hours!

And so my uncle was probably getting tired and said 'This game ends when we all burst the balloons' But what he didn't know was that Joilyn was secretly filling up balloons at the side. Just secretly doing her part to keep the game running hahaha. Sneaky girls

And that's my brother being himself. Always attacking me

If ever one day anyone asks me for proper pictures with them, I think I would have none hahaha
But it's ok I always prefer the funny face. 

Uncle Jeff told them 'Hey let's gather for a photo together and when we're done, we can all throw it at Vivien!!!' I didn't think much of it cause I mean they're such lovely and considerate kids. But uhm, Joilyn's face just makes me realise how seriously she's taking this ahahaha. So full of concentration and she's totally ready to fire all that water bombs at me. Her dad had to hold her because she was obviously too excited and kept exclaiming 'DADDY THAT'S A GREAT IDEA. THAT'S A WONDERFUL IDEA'

I ran off

Haha but besides that, I found this the most hilarious photo of the day cause Joilyn's concentrated face is just so hilarious, Uncle Jeff is trying to be fierce, my brother trying to add some water effect while Uncle Chris and the rest just being cute

Forever young at heart 

Hahah just look at uncle Chris. Cross eyed at that pink balloon

When we all collide (in love) hahaha

I love you all so much much much 

Grandma with the youngest one, Megan! (And Joilyn loves being in all the photos hahah so cute)

My poor sister and mum fell sick thus not that many photos of them

Their photobooth prop hahah

Maisie dog I wished I was still living with you

I think Yael and I click pretty well. I wasnt expecting the photo to the be like this. All I did was carry him for a nice proper cuddly photo but he just twisted his body and said he wanted to be upside down
Like I had a choice hahahah but I love how you're like this. I think he'll probably giggle if I tell him
'Hey I love you yknow' haha but ok someday I will

She's so tiny next to Elias

Aunty Krys brought these lovely candles to end off our Christmas night

Merry Christmas from us allllllllll

I look forward to having Christmas with them every year, just being with the entire family. I'm thankful how everyone makes time to gather together and we just chill out at someone's house with loads of delicious food (usually pot luck). I love pot luck cause we get to try every family's speciality. Sabrina's pasta was amazing and Aunty's Kry's salad and homemade bread yummm. And every year we have some sort of fried chicken. Haha all the wives agree that fried chicken runs in the Tan family. 
The three Tan brothers love fried chicken hahaha fun fact.

A big big hugeee thank you to my Susu and Shenshen for hosting and planning this year's. I'm sure it wasn't easy cause this year we have baby Megan yayyy and we are pretty good at messing up (even unintentionally) cause of the number of kids we have running about. Haha apparently we had Secret Santa but a little different. All the adults had to buy for all the kids (including me hahaha I'm a kid). So because of this they had a separate group chat discussing about this and everything else. Our big family group chat is called 'Tan family' haha sounds typical but the conversations are super duper funny. Once in a while we have random voice recordings from Joia and Joilyn or funny pictures of Megan and all that stuff. 
I just love you all

It's heart warming to see how everything is taking place when the family is gathered. All the mothers help to set up the food, the dads entertaining all the kids. While the dads are playing their hearts out. I was amazed by how it all started with a balloon, which eventually led to them all being wet. Balloons to water ballons to water soccer and then the hose itself hahaha. They don't even bother if they had an extra set of clothes. I love how they come running to me with a huge hug when I enter the door. Kids and Maisie come running towards you and you really feel like you're home. Haha love flying at you from all directions. My baby cousins can play really well with each other. Even when accidents happen they always say this 'It's ok I'm alright' haha in their overly enthusiastic pitch. There's just so much emotions to describe every year but I think the pictures can somewhat tell why I love Christmas with my family so much. Can't wait for next year's!!

May the family hug tradition continue in our family <3 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Many hugs

Thanks for all the wishes and Merry Christmas everyone!
What an appropriate time for me to send out snowman hugs <3

Hug your loved ones! We call it the christmas hug 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

See you in Germany!!! (I hope)

Thats our right arm which I'm trying to preserve. Which means I'll have to shower with my right arm in the air cause they're sticker tattoos that would come off. Haha we were in the airport toilet doing this. And that's the printed postcards I made <3

Haha well I guess that was goodbye. I thought I could actually not cry over this, but when she hugged me my eyes were already welling up. And she knew she didn't leave quick she would start as well. So it was a quick goodbye, I'm glad it happened that way because we'd start bawling.

I was just so overwhelmed cause I'll miss her hugs so much. And like everything about her. Like how she makes weird faces when she's unsure about things, or how she eats and loves everything I bring her to. I like her awkward photographing faces and also when she talks to me about life. We just sit on grass at National arts museum at the solar panels, charging our phones and just talking yknow. I'll miss having a friend like that. I really like how my friends know her even my family. She's so thoughful and sincere about everything. The thing about her is that she doesn't expect things and people are just so willing to do things for her simply because she's such a lovely person. 

Sigh Helen, you're such a different Ang mor I would put it that way. Yes there may be many other nice Ang mors around too but I think you special and so I'll just assume you're the only one around and I'm so thankful to have met you <3 Thanks for assuring me all the time that nothing is gonna change although we're apart. I know it's smth very unlikely that you'd do so I really appreciate it cause I know you mean it. Although it's a sucky way for start Christmas for me but ultimately I know I'm thankful for the things that happen and I'll see you soon in Germany I'm hopeful! Can't wait till you've land safely

Always here

I'm so gonna miss you 

My feeble attempt in making something with my brother's newly bought tablet. My handwriting obviously needs improvement but it's ok haha Helen will love it anyways. That I'm confident :>

I'll save all that cheesy talk but ultimately I'm really thankful I got to know you in the most unexpected way ever. Everything about us is so unexpected, but nevertheless it's been one of the most amazing experiences knowing you these 5 months. It feels like I'm a LDR (well we are but we aren't gonna break up hahah says Angel) cause you've met almost everyone that is close to me even my extended family :') My friends love you and they probably can see why I do too especially after they met you.
You're really special and you're always there for me even in my down times 

Love you so much Helen
Sending you all the purple heart emoticons I ever can
(See you in Germany soon I hope!!!)