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Thursday, 27 November 2014


Recently I've been obsessed with these photos the large format camera allows me to produce. Which perhaps explains the lack of upload on Instagram or something. It's insane huge one 8x10inch negative is, how old the camera is, and how clear it can get. The file is too huge to be uploaded here even though I've resized it so many times. So I resorted to a screenshot from my computer and it still looks pretty alright. THAT'S HOW CLEAR IT ACTUALLY IS. Film lives foreverrr


Stephie's Oma likes blueberry pies

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I'm not sure why I can not quite find the words to speak about you. Just so many things I cannot verbalise, everything so conflicting. You made ​​me realize life can be simple even when yours is so tough, and that everything is just all the mind. You were not outrightly the strongest fighter but I see tenacity in your life. Maybe not that you choose to be, but life chose it for you. Life has been difficult for you in every way, but then again what can be so tough that life just stops. We go on, everyone moves along and we can only take things in our stride, look at what we believe in and carry on. I pray the best for you and that you may continue to survive doing what you love. I hope did you meet more people that love and accept you the way you are. I hope that they see your sincerity in life and the big heart you have. Although I do not know if I'll ever see you again but your life has taught me much about how I should look mine. And I'll always remember with did you 

"Viv it would be nice if you had pictures of me in your book, then if I die at least someone remembers me and know that I exist. I have no family, but it'll be nice to be remembered"

That indeed was the hardest to watch him say

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Did my first ever shot with a large format 5x7 camera that is about 70 years old. My teacher has been really nice to so generously let me use all of his tools. I've been really blessed to meet the right professor because I'm currently the only fine art photography student in the school and he's glad that he gets to teach one this sem. So it's really cool cause he says it'll be a photography collaboration between us but more so I steer and he backs me up. To be honest I didn't expect to come here and find myself a professor that wants to mentor me and with that I'm really really thankful. It makes me feel supported and also have someone that I can discuss my thoughts with. So right now while I'm fiddling with all the other larger format cameras like the 8x10 inch tomorrow (I can't wait it's so nerve wrecking) I'm also planning for my main project that I'm hoping to complete before I return. I'm not too sure how the outcome will be but this is probably the first project I'm letting lose this much. I've got to learn to not always be in control of the things I create and sometimes just loosen the reigns I hold. I'm so nervous but it'll be an exciting one. 

And that's lovely Jone helping and also witnessing my first shot ever. These are with my Iphone as I've yet to develop my film, and the phone resolution is just crazyyyy I'm amazed. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

I'm happy, really

You gain some, you lose some
But ultimately, you can always choose to be happy
It's all about your perspective, your choice

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Barensee Stuttgart

Hello from Germany:> I've not been blogging cause things has been pretty busy here and it's been almost 1.5 months but I'm still trying to settle down. I've been good, met really nice people to help me get comfortable quicker and also school has been pretty exciting. German's school semester starts a lot later so I'm actually on my second week of school. Prior to this I had a month of intensive German lessons which I felt was a good period to help me move into Germany better. People here do speak English! But German is their preferred language, plus it's quite fun learning a new language haha I don't actually remember myself learning English and Chinese that consciously. But trust me 1 month is no where near enough in mastering the language so... don't expect me to be fluent ahahah but I try ;) Ich liebe Singapur <3 

So that's Sophie my buddy from school and I'm really thankful we got paired up together hahaha. She picked me up and brought me to my dorm and stuff like that. So basically she's been bringing me around and making a 'Vivien list' cause she knows I love nature and walking around. It's really nice especially the black forest road trip she planned for me, but sadly I didn't get to have the cake. I'M DEFINITELY GOING BACK. It's so beautiful :') I can finally step into grass and not care if there are creepy crawlies. I can sit on any grass or rock that I want. I don't get itchy neither do I perspire. But this weather isn't going to last for long and apparently the Germans have been telling me that this is the warmest Autumn they ever had so I'm really lucky. I'll try my best to update more often although I'm not sure who still reads this, but I'll try. Oh and also, Helen and I are in the same place :') Can't believe our plans to be in Stuttgart together actually came true haha. I'm not sure if you guys remember Helen but she was an exchange student in Singapore who I met as a stranger, and photographed, and became extremely good friends that we met at least once every week. AND NOW WE'RE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Haha couldn't be happier. I'll try to upload my randomly backlogged pictures but I haven't been taking much cause I rather just experience what I see sometimes. But if I would be most active on Instagram (although I get lazy) so haha @vivtanshithui if you want to see Stuttgart more. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

So long farewell

Hahahahahah thanks Kenneth. This gif actually came with music you can view it on Facebook.
Goodbye my dearest pals, I'll be missing you all <3 

Friday, 5 September 2014

2 days

My family I'll miss the most

Thaddeus & Pamela

Such a lovely wedding with #thadpam :> It's nice working with them especially since they're Kenneth's friends and met them before hahaha. Guess what they had at their reception booth. OREOS AND MILK AT THE ENTERANCE AHHHHHHH. So they had this white paper cup with a round black sticker that says Thadpam (their hashtag) and this whole stack of endless oreos with a milk dispenser. Not just that but they had cool side booths like a Guitar Hero section and an area where people can write their little note suggestions on what they should do when they run out of date night ideas and such. Hahah imagine all this in Chijmes, pretty amazing :> I love how they had a dance march in although I'll never do that for my wedding cause I don't dance but wow it was so so cute. I even saw Thad's dad dancing along and clapping cause it was such a jumpy happy song. Hahaha and to end off everything, there was an instant photobooth too which everyone had a lot of fun with. 

I like weddings like these, congrats Thad and Pam!!! It was a beautiful one :')
(Btw they wanted their pictures to be black and white cause there's a theme. And all of us had to be in formal wear so for the first time I had to be in a dress to shoot hahahaa it was pretty interesting.)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Friday, 8 August 2014


The 3 drama queens and a turban boy

Viv: Do you know you're blessed with such lovely long eye lashes
Elisha: Yours will grow too!!
Viv: But look at mine they're still so short and I'm already 21
Elisha: Trust me they'll grow out and curl, really

Monday, 28 July 2014

My first proper shoot with a male model for men apparels aaaaaaaand it was so much fun. Can't believe how much fun we actually had hahaha can't wait to see you guys again this Saturday for some food #jeraldisnevergonnastarthisdiet. Thanks for picking me for the job, otherwise I doubt I would have done any guy photoshoots on my own. And I love how we're all friends now hahaha thus far I've been very blessed with really nice clients which makes me job so enjoyable seriously. I've been really busy working and haven't got much time to update here but I still do on Instagram @vivtanshithui :> Despite all the busyness, I'm actually really happy haha so yay I'm very thankful for that. On a random sidenote, that's Scott and Fabian putting their yoga to practice hahahahah

(Yes I just realised I've yet to post all of my Greece pictures hahaha)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

HSS 2014

Thanks for being such a nice bunch and co-operating with everything I say :')

Monday, 14 July 2014

Today marks my first job as an Iphone photographer yayyy :') So basically I was shooting the entire wedding on my Iphone and updating on the groom's account to give their friends a live feed on their special day. I'll be posting up the shots I took soon but in the meantime you can check out #leoeldana :>

Thursday, 10 July 2014

It's been long since I last felt like blogging because I'm so tireddd. I have been away at church uni camp which was quite an experience for me. It's my first time serving in my new church on a larger scale and I've been very encouraged by the people around me. Thank you everyone for constantly encouraging me and posing for my camera or letting me do my own thing hahaha. That's me at the bottom left hand corner filming. Yes filming, not photographing. This camp marks my first ever solo video project, the first time I've got the guts to take such ownership for a video. Partly because Chiewtong tells me 'No pressure, just do your best' hahaha and I believed it. It helps in a church context because everyone's so nice and accepting which made things comfortable for me. True enough I fell in love in videography and I would pick it over photos now hahaha what a change. Thanks to Kenneth for lending me his camera again because it's so wonderful using a full frame and it definitely helped me with my confidence. And also having worked with him for the past few months I've learnt from what he does as a videographer too. Anyways I've been updating on @ffkenneth so if you'd like to see more pictures since my own Instagram has been getting boring please take a look there instead haha

And I'm so glad that they'd be showing the video in service this Saturday on big screen!!! So if you'd like to watch it please be 5 minutes early because it'd be showing at 4:55 yayyy I can't wait :>

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It's been too long

It's been almost 8 months since we last met up and our attempts along these months have always failed us (my fault haha). It only hit me how long ago it was when the first thing she did was hug me so tightly and said 'MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY' Hahahahaha apart from it being extremely funny, I was so touched because my presents were still with her for so long while I'm actually still trying to search for her birthday Panda which I bought for her birthday. I'm so sorry cakes but I'll find it just that my house is in a mess and I can't find the bag I've packed it in haha. Yknow I can't remember the last gift- gift I got. Like an object gift kinda, usually it's cards and stuff but she gave me the bag that I wanted years ago :') A baggu in navy blue. I know, damn outdated but haha I really like that bag so I'm unique to have it now after wanting it years ago ;) Yup so merry christmas and happy belated birthday to me <3 She's the first friend that I've hung out with for such a long day (out of my house) we met from 4-10? I usually get tired by 3 hours but we've got too much to catch up from where we left off. Up till now I can memorize your number because I remembered how almost 3 years ago we'd be each other's call buddies. You're always calling me for nothing and we're just talking nonsense. Although we don't call as much anymore because our schedule doesn't allow it, I still love you all the same (even with you frolicking everywhere and still not having a good sense of balance when you walk hahah). I'll see you really soon :> 

If you haven't already heard this

Adia Tay my friend sings wonderfully
Cover from How to train your dragon 2 :>

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ginger juice

V: Hey Tomas do a funny face
T: (Grins)
V: Bianca look he's just smiling in all of it
T: You don't have to tell her?!