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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Three years ago I shot with 4 gymnast juniors. When I started browsing through them again, I realised how horrible I was because they were literally stretching into all these crazy poses all the time and being so energetic. Things we do for pictures hahah, thanks for all that great YOUNG fun BACK THEN

Sigh I'm getting old...........

What remains

Hiiiii everyone, my friends and I will be holding an exhibition this Saturday 2nd of May. We've worked really hard for this and if you happen to be free on that day, feel free to say hi. We'd be really happy to see you :>

(There'll be churros, so be here at 7 hahaha)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Birthday-ing with Sophie before her actual day because coincidentally I'm going to be away tomorrow. Best part is, Sven's here!!!!!!!!! I just can't believe he's finally in the land called Singapore all the way from Stuttgart. It's like being reunited after 4 months. It's so cute that he flew down for Sophie's birthday how sweet :') We last saw him in the cold winter all wrapped up and near the fireplace trying to keep warm, but now we're all dressed in shirt and shorts. It's nice watching them love the Asian food (plus using chopsticks better than I do) so much and exploring around. I never appreciated Singapore as much as I should until I've heard more from these two about why they like it here. I really should be more appreciative of home. 

It still amazes me how cake or any form of dessert can make her so so happy :>

Monday, 6 April 2015


So I was having a really grumpy Monday (I know it's only 5pm now) because I overslept on my bus and when I awoke I was on the way back to Jurong Point where I came from >:( I really needed to pee so that made things worse. Anddd I was carrying a projector which was really heavy. So being the grumpy person I am, I'm finally home after 2.5 hours when it should have been less than 1. 

However what made my day was this little girl I met in the lift. She wasn't the most friendly and was obviously over aged for the pram. That's besides the point but anyways! So right before I left the lift she turned around, looked at me and said 'Bye!' Sounds like barely anything much but that made my day and reminded about many things I've experienced while I was on exchange. I remember how I was amazed that everyone I met in the lift exchanged Hi and Byes be it whoever it was. Regardless of race, nationality or even if we spoke in different languages. That was something I wanted to do while I was back home but just never did because it's always so awkward in that small common space of ours. But who knows what will happen if I tried yknow? 

So I hurried back into my room to search for this very picture because that was how I became 'friends' with one of the girls on the streets on London. Well we've exchanged e-mails because I wanted to send her the portrait I did of her on film when I develop it. BUT, I CAN'T FIND IT. It's the most important roll and I've no idea where it went </3 I've never lost a film roll and of all rolls why this one. But at least I've got one on the Iphone, and hopefully I get some luck in looking for that roll of film. I remember being really afraid of approaching anyone on the street for a picture but Rebekah was like 'No fear, just do it I'll back you up' hahahaha. I had lots of fun in London thanks to her to be honest. I'm not even sure what I did in London but it's the best city I've been to. I didn't even see the Big Ben. And if I stayed longer we would have went towards the suburbs. Perhaps some other time Bekah! (I hope) Anyways she takes really nice pictures so you should see her stuff @applepaperplane and flyinghotairballoons.blogspot.com

While searching for this picture I realised I've loads of photos not uploaded yet haha
I will... soon?

Friday, 3 April 2015


It's the time of the semester again where we go bonkers while rushing our final projects. This sem has to be the toughest thus far because I'm taking 5 studio modules and it's really crazy. But I believe we'll all finish this well somehow. Thanks to everyone that has helped me along the way, we're almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Van and I went around ADM giving those snacks with a short note of encouragement. She's the genius with the cards while mine all looked so slip shot. Yay yay be blessed in your tummies

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Thankful for skype

I don't like time difference, and I hate that I have to see you from a screen. 
But I like you skype

Have fun Sergi, and don't worry you'll stay alive

Live it

James 2:24
You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.

(Film by Pete)