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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My first roll of film with a few successes

I was digging into my unorganized hard disk again today because I'm feeling all glum and bummed. This was my first roll of 'red scale' film many years ago, maybe 5? Being the noob I was, the first roll I ever bought was red scale from Lomography. Ever since that roll I've stopped taking film for awhile because all my pictures were so grainy you could hardly see them. I thought the fault was all mine hahaha- thankfully not. Eventually only to realise that it's because the Fujifilm shop at Bukit Panjang is horrible. I blame both the film and the shop. These are grainy too but acceptable and I've actually grown to like it hahaha. Oh and I can't wait to develop this roll that Sze Wee gave me before I left to Germany can't wait can't wait.

And that's Isabella, she's one cool person. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Black Forest

Today I've realised again that I probably haven't seen half the pictures I've actually taken with my phone. These were some of them somewhere in my hard disk whoops haha. That was the day we went to the black forest with Sophie and Sven as our guide. I love these lifts that we take down because the view is simply amazing. Gives you the time up there to slowly appreciate everything. Haha what a way to end a hike