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Thursday, 27 November 2014


Stephie's Oma likes blueberry pies

My fruitful days in Cologne, with Stephie
Met Stephie back in Singapore while doing her exchange and honestly it's mind blowing did we get to meet again. It still amazes me all the time. Best part was I met her lovely family and even got to photograph them. Thanks Stephie for believing so much in my pictures and also allowing me on a tractor ride haha that was super cool. Right now I'm actually in the midst of doing my project, one that I probably wouldn't dare to start off in Singapore. I usually control my projects quite a bit I've realised. So since I've been here I've learned much from this professor of mine who is really the sweetest I've ever met. I've realised that I shouldn't hold the reigns of everything and just give space for this element of chance. I'm still learning and am nervous about what I will get out of this, but I'm definitely most excited. 

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