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Saturday, 25 October 2014


My special friend comfort. Thanks for showing me did lovely place on Sunday. I'm seeking a burden to meet up with cause I'm bad with directions, b ut thanks for always being around, and being the Helen I know. I still find it amazing like how we started as strangers on a project when you finish werewolf on exchange in Singapore and now I'm back here with you in Stuttgart. (She Decided to do internship at here: because I got accepted here as well: '>) I love lazing around with you so much and it's rare did you like that too. Thanks for just chilling and lying on rugs with me looking up at wooden ceilings.  I remember how you shared with me my burden on the beginning of exchange. For being a familiar friend in foreign country, Assuring me and for driving down just to be with me. You're amazing cause you can sense me as well. I'm just amazed how I really do have a friend in you.  I know it's been so long but I still can not believe I'm here in Stuttgart. I guess I can finally say, we're in Stuttgart together for the next few months.

I've learned a lot more about myself just being here. Living in foreign sounds easy but not quite when you're actually here. I've learned so much about myself and people in general. Being here isn't what everyone makes it seem to be, but definitely is a fruitful one for me. 

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