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Monday, 28 July 2014

My first proper shoot with a male model for men apparels aaaaaaaand it was so much fun. Can't believe how much fun we actually had hahaha can't wait to see you guys again this Saturday for some food #jeraldisnevergonnastarthisdiet. Thanks for picking me for the job, otherwise I doubt I would have done any guy photoshoots on my own. And I love how we're all friends now hahaha thus far I've been very blessed with really nice clients which makes me job so enjoyable seriously. I've been really busy working and haven't got much time to update here but I still do on Instagram @vivtanshithui :> Despite all the busyness, I'm actually really happy haha so yay I'm very thankful for that. On a random sidenote, that's Scott and Fabian putting their yoga to practice hahahahah

(Yes I just realised I've yet to post all of my Greece pictures hahaha)

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