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Friday, 15 August 2014


(Please ignore my bad photoshop alignment)

Finally the 3 of us managed to meet up ever since Lim Mart came back from his exchange in Taiwan, and yup we're still the same hahaha. Whenever Yao and I met up while he was away we'd be like 'I miss him, but let's just not tell him hahahaha' I was actually suggesting to them meeting nearer the date I fly (I mean since school started for them both), but they're like why?! Can't we meet more than once. 

Anyways, they've pointed out that my blog URL is hard to remember/spell and hence should change it to hellovivtan. I'll miss the eyelashes but ok I'll bear this is mind and consider I guess. Thanks you both for always over praising my capabilities to all your friends, sometimes it sounds a little out of this world like how can anyone even be that good. But ok, I'm glad I'm that insanely talented in your eyes hahahaha. See you both on Monday Monday Monday

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