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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hope in ADM

Photos by Amanda :>
11th August 
Yay full attendance for our Hope in ADM group, this year we have 5 new freshies joining us and we couldn't be happier haha. Decided to open my house for a 'mini' cookout/welcome party which turned out to be quite insane because we were actually cooking for 17 people. It was really fun nonetheless hahaha I had a great time cooking (and dragging my siblings to help me too hahahah thank you thank you) I'd want to thank all the seniors for being a part of this contributing in one way or another! Literally everyone was involved in this party preparation or I would have struggled while planning this.

 Chrissi made like handmade ADM survival kits for the freshies, I wish I got a photo of that but I was too busy cooking and running around. But it's seriously too cute, it has utensils for example and it says 'FOR WHEN YOU FORGET TO EAT' Sigh I want one too. Amanda for lugging her camera lights and everything plus helping me with the decor I really appreciate it. Joseph and Sam for hosting the programme hahah, Pete for cooking and planning the menu. Tian Li and Alexis for making the birthday cards!!! I realised one thing, ADM people take serious pride in what they do (I hope I'm right)
Point is, thanks everyone for being a part of this and hope you have a good semester ahead!


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