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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Surprise box

'Had Prince Charming met you first. Snow White would have never lived to tell her tale'

As you can tell I'm extremely happy receiving this parcel from my gummy bear pals. Thank you both so much!!! They wanted to give me a parcel to encourage me and thank me for my efforts in serving for camp :> And this was planned quite some time ago because they wanted to pass me on the day the video was gonna air on big screen. Haha plus, neither did I know that Chrissi actually FB-ed my sister about what I liked from the supermarket and hence that box had everything I loved hahaha. Seaweed and Oreos are my all time favs and I just realised that these snacks are black hahahaha. But really thank you both for the lovely gift, it means so much to me :') I'm so touched, and happy hahaha

Interestingly while they were packing my gift over lunch before Saturday service, they were in this cafe. Just so happened my friend was working in that cafe and remembered seeing 2 girls gifting up this Singpost box. And when he saw my Instagram...
What a small world hahaha

Roses and Red
Violets are Blue
Vivien is black
But we still love you 

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