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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Yasas! Haha that's hello in Greek. Eds was telling me that I should probably do a post while we're here, just for fun hahah. Anyways, it's 12:18am here now and 5:18am in Singapore so anyone that is reading this now is officially awake at an unearthly hour. Anyways, Greece has been nothing but amazing. I wished you guys could see through our eyes because there's simply no way we can capture the beauty of this place with a machine. The sky is just too wide for any wide camera lens to capture. After being here, the world just seems so much bigger. And I love it here because there's so much Earth, no obstruction to the beautiful view we have. Everytime we're driving in the car, I can only tell myself 'Wow God You're so amazing' I'm still in awe, so much awe. I'm glad that I'm on this trip with my boss and friends because we get to go to crazy places for location scouting. It just reminds me of roadtrips scenes in movies and it's exciting. We're currently driving in a jeep because it's really rocky here and we get to be on clifts and climb rocky beaches, watch people jump off clifts, swim in the clearest waters. Just wowww. So overall, we've all been great! Had lots of fun and laughter and a deadly sunburn. Just imagine me sunburnt -.- Not good at all hahaha

Anyways! I won't be updating here as often as Instagram but I'll try. But I think Instagram would be the easiest way to get a glimpse of our trip in Greece :> It's really beautifulllllllllll. I've been shooting alot with my Iphone, Polaroid, Film and THE 5DMARK3 that Kenneth lent me. I'm still trying to get used to this because I've been using my 550D for so long, Mark 3 is just kinda different haha. So yes when I'm back, I'll try to compile my trip into the 3 different islands I've been to :> I don't want to blog too much now if not it'll just get repetitive when I do the actual posts about the trip hahah (plus wifi here isn't too great haha)

Do look at our hashtag #edventureswithviv #limpehtravels :> 

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