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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Shityaopant's 21st

Thanks so much for this friendship, it's funny how we always tell each other how honoured we are to be friends with one another. And you're so sweet to always tell me 'always fun with you anywhere we go' I sometimes feel that I have lesbian relationships with many people hahaha. ANYWAYS, besides the point I'm just kidding btw I'm straight. I'm just very thankful for you, for understanding what I do, always offering to write for me like my emails or write ups or whatever not, trying to get me sponsors, trying to link me up with the big people you meet in industries I'm very touched. I love how we're always so genuinely happy for each other's success and always so ready to share. You're always on a look out for me, like the random texts or photo references or places to visit I appreciate them all. I feel like I repeat the same things about you all the time and I wonder if I get boring (I'm sorry if I do) or I'm sorry if it seems like I have limit vocab or we have limited experiences together. But yeah, I'm always really very grateful for you, even for the same things. I guess it's consistency and always being available for each other that keeps us as great friends. So here's to many many many more years love you <3 Just know that I'm very proud of you and I know that you have the potential to go very far, not only because of how beautiful you are on the outside but more so on the inside. She's such a precious gem I wished you all knew hahaha but too bad, not for sharing hahahaha I'm kidding

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