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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stephie Becks

See you soon Stephie :>

Met Stephie before she flies back to Germany :> Btw she's Helen's friend! She's so sweet really, so so sweet. And very polite a german. She got me a gift? Wow right, a gift for me yayyy it feels like Christmas hahah. And like when we had to depart, she was like "So Vivien, thank you so much for meeting me today...... (like a mini cute speech which she looked nervous about)..." and she even said I know that you'll have Helen to help you but if you ever need help in Germany please do ask me for help too. AND SHE HAD TEARY RED EYES. So I had to hug her again. But yay Stephie at least I know that I'm gonna see you again and in Stuttgart :> Thanks for wanting to be my friend this Asian girl. Meeting people like you gives me hope that I'm gonna be ok making german friends when I'm there. I hope they're all as nice and friendly as you <3 Although it did hit me that when my semester ends there, I don't know when's the next time I can look forward to seeing Helen again but Ky is right, why worry? I mean she was talking to be in a total different context but I think that can be applied here too. So yay, see you soon Stephie :> I hope to visit your place with your cute vegetable farm and have some of your family home grown potatoes :')

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