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Saturday, 17 May 2014


Shots from the Hassleblad
I actually wanted to upload my fav shot but somehow when I upload it blogspot adjusts the colour to something else :/ But oh wells haha here's some of them. Thanks for believing in me you're so easy and great to work with seriously. Anddd coincidentally, Congrats on winning Miss Asia Pacific Singapore 2014 hahaha you've done it again (as expected hahaha) So right now I can say, I'VE SHOT POOJA FROM MISS ASIA PACIFIC AND ASIA NEXT TOP MODEL 
Hahaha I'm keeding 

Anyways I know I've been pretty dead here :/ Just that I've been trying to adapt to working once exams ended for me. But I'm adjusting better :> So yup now I'm back!!!!!!!!!!  

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