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Saturday, 17 May 2014

#shumlausteadliao #whenafloristweds

Alan, the groom brewed his own beer and packaged them. Just wow right. I'm still so tickled by what they named the beers
'Weiss you so like that' and 'Wahlao Ale' #pun

I was so glad to bump into Steven at the Brotzeit catering. I used to be working in Brotzeit with him. Oh those fun days filled with german food hahaha. Brotzeit for a wedding is such a smart idea 

Had the chance to be part of Allan and Jo's wedding and it was so beautiful :') Eds and I were there with Kenneth doing the videography and it was fun doing it because their wedding looks amazing to begin with. Plus they're both such easy going happy people haha, even their speeches were so cute. The place smells so fresh because of all the flowers they used! They're family runs Floral Magic haha now we know why the wedding looks so good. This makes me happy :> Congrats once again!!!

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