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Monday, 19 May 2014

See you again soon I hope, if ever the chance :>

Maarit just flew off today and was just editing her photos again because I didn't really have time to do them properly during the semester. She's such a beauty and such a cute girl :') Kept on laughing at her own pictures. Her photos are starting to grow on me and now I wished we'd shot more. But sigh yknow how when you're in the midst of the sem, you don't really have time to do anything extra but just shoot whatever that is necessary. But oh wells, at least I met her. Kinda funny and random how we became friends. She's an exchange student from Finland! It was random because we were in the mac lab and I saw that she was having problems with her thumbdrive and so I offered her mine. And soon enough we were talking about traveling and Bali so we exchanged e-mails (and she offered me Finish chocolates SO GOOD) so that I could help her with her Bali trip since I went there before. And yup that's how it all happened. I wonder if friendships like these would still happen as we grow older. Such spontaneity, so unexpected 

I don't know why the colours look weird when I'm viewing through my phone so haha view through your computers pleaseee. It's not this blue-ish green :( 

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