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Monday, 16 June 2014

When Kenneth lends me his amazing camera

We now have an ice cream man at Bukit Panjang yayyy 

Haha right after this picture was taken, we were told that photos are not allowed to be taken in Supermarkets. It's so sad that you need to pay or ask permission to take photos in so many places in Singapore especially if you're using a DSLR. So this is why you use an Iphone :>

I'm so thankful that Kenneth lent me his camera to bring to Bali :') THANK YOU KENNETH THANK YOU. Honestly I can't remember the last time I brought my camera out for a gathering or event simply because it's a crop body and it's hard taking pictures in relatively close proximity. But now with thisss, I'm so happy taking pictures hahaha. Maybe it's a temporary thing I don't know, but it always amazes me how clear and sharp the photos are. I used to think I had a focusing problem so I guess I'm not so horrible at it afterall. 

Anyways! Was supposed to baby sit my cousins today but turns out Uncle Jeff's appointment got cancelled. But they still came over anyways hahah. That's Joilyn crossing the road with her hand in the air hahaha. Everytime I see them, I feel like they're growing up too quickly :( I mean it's good a thing, but wow kids grow up so quickly. PLEASE DON'T GROW UP SO FAST. I always love being with them, or family for that matter. It's always cozy, and nice :> Thanks for coming over todayyy, it's nice seeing you all before we leave for Bali tomorrow


  1. Hi! May I know what camera/lens is this? These photos look amazing :) Thank you!

    1. Hey! I used Kenneth's 5DMIII with my 50mm 1.8 :) Thank you!