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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The best beach

This deserves a post on it's own because it was so amazinggg. The clearest waters I've swam in and it was so cold and extremely salty. This is where my friend got stabbed in the foot by a sea urchin so please beware if you're ever going to the beaches in Greece!! This is the first rocky beach I've been to cause usually they're sandy or pebbly, which means it's extremely dangerous because Edi slipped and got scratched so badly. It's not very assessable at all, which can be a good thing cause that means less crowded. However we did meet this funny guy that was swimming towards us and we were wondering why, when he suddenly said 你好!And we didn't know whether to laugh or cry CAUSE ASIANS SPEAK ENGLISH TOO. And he proceeded to later photobomb us with the double peace sign as he floated around the rock we were standing on hahaha. Anyways, it's such a beautiful place, way too beautiful

I've been taking really long with the Greece pictures because there's simply too many and I'm afraid of boring you guys, plusss I have no idea how to categorize them! But they'll all by up by this week I'll try. Enjoy :>

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