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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Film from the ferry

Shot on Portra 160, Canon 50E

Faustin the Greek dog we met on the Ferry :> This poor doggy was freezing on the ferry because the winds were so cold but yet was so well behaved. It was literally an 8 hour ferry ride and she didn't bark, whine or any of that sort haha. Actually there were quite a few dogs on the ferry but she was the most approachable and had a owner, Mr Coastas who had a really warm smile. He actually allowed us to bring Faustin for a stroll around the ferry! Which was fun because we were bored of Charades after awhile. We were proud dog owners for a good 10 minutes hahaha

Anyways just managed to collect my films and I regret not shooting more with film while I was there. I really should be more pro active at taking pictures. I brought my Portra 160 film there because I didn't like the colour when I was using them in Singapore for my assignments and since Greece is such a beautiful place I was hoping it'll work for the better. And it sure did! I love the colour of the first two pictures so much but it's 10 bucks for a roll, so second thoughts on stocking up on those. If you realised my posts are a big rojak (I tried!!), so haha I hope you just enjoy the visuals and try to slowly piece them all up together in your imaginations :>

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