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Sunday, 8 June 2014


Am very honoured to be a part of Charis's proposal because it was like a top secret mission that only family knew about + me because I was the photographer hahahaa. Perks of being a photographer :> A little background on how I'm related to Charis and her lovely family, we literally grew up together in the same church so they're actually my childhood pals. They're one of the sweetest families I know, they have 6 kids all very lovable people you just can't help but like them so much. Hence, being able to witness Charis's big day was super meaningful to me :') Charis has been one of those that stuck by me when I first started out with photography, and I remember being very horrible now that I look back hahah so embarrassing. But yeah! She's really good at make up so she always helps me out without asking for anything in return. Also she's a fashion designer so I actually do shoot the dresses that she makes! Basically the bulk of my early photoshoots has lots to do with her. Till today she's still one of the biggest fans of my pictures hahaha which is super encouraging. Everything I take is wonderful to her 'Ah thank you it's so lovely!!!' I remember when Jacob dropped me a message I was like 'YAYYY IT'S FINALLY HERE' and was touched that he actually knew about Charis liking my photos so much :>

Heres the Iphone snaps in the meantime, but the real pictures will be coming soon I can't wait! The weather in Singapore has been highly unpredictable but yesterday was just so so beautiful. The sun literally shone through when she said 'Yes' hahaha such a glorious sight. Congrats to you both once again! I'm so honoured to be a part of this <3 

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