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Monday, 30 June 2014


First surf, then take a dump

Pretending like we're in Germany because YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO COME WITH ME :'(

Headed back to school to collect the acceptance letter the other day and Rach decided to tag along haha. So we were walking to the bus stop when from afar she noticed some really nice trees and we decided to head there for fun since we were nearby. The grass was so so deep then we had to hop our way in hahaha and once you're in there, no turning backkk. If you're her friend on Instagram @rachdawgxz you'll see me being deep in the grass in my slippers?! That's the worst part, it was rainy so it was pretty wet and yup I was in slippers. Why did I even decide to do that hahaha but anyways was fun and worth it. Rachdawgxz is like my friend that's with me for all my shoots, haha we like doing them together :> We're always looking at stuff, planning shoots and I'm so gonna miss her :(

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