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Monday, 25 January 2016

Art stage 2016

(Do not expect many photos hahaha)

Hiiiii art stage this year was disappointing, however I did expect it hahaha. So it's not too bad because I told myself not to be too excited for it. It just gets worse every year to be honest, I wished they would do it like they did for the first three years :-( Despite knowing this I still find myself going for it, giving it a chance every year hahah but ok it's true that you find or at least learn something from each year. This year for me was seeing Anish Kapoor work's in real life!! And of all works of his, it was this. Hoorayyyyyyyyyy?!?! And if you scroll through sgartweek or artstage's hashtag you'd probably see many selfies like this but I just had to because I'm so glad I get to experience this one in real life! If only it was placed in a space that didn't have many other things around it cause it distracts the full experience of looking at how this spherical mirror captures the reflection haha. As you can tell there's a man behind Pete waiting for his turn hahahaha

Btw I was so excited because I was referencing this work by Anish Kapoor for my FYP and TADA there is was :')

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