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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

With love from Stuttgart

Yayyyyyyy I've never had the post lady ring my door bell so many times in a month. I absolutely love it seriously!!!!! Thanks for all the parcels and gift, I now have never ending supply of my favourite Apfel Tea. 

That first parcel was from Sophie! She was very fair and gave me 2 boxes of my fav tea and another 2 boxes of Pete's favourite. Oh and also her Ez-link card and ten bucks to buy something for myself hahahah. How cute and random though. Thanks for everything and the note too! The second parcel is from Selina and there is the draw string bag that I really wanted designed by students from Hdm, the exchange school I was in :-) Andddd the last package from Shermain! Whom I've never met in real life before but we talked because she's a junior that needed help with exchange stuff. And she bought me a pack of Christmas tea! 

Danke danke everyone <3 Christmas made special with all these

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