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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Can't believe it's 2016 already wow. I started this year wanting to document and remember the things I do more consciously. It's crazy how time just passes by so quickly that you don't even remember the things you do sometimes. I saw this girl on Youtube that does this 365 days of thanksgiving and I was thinking what a wonderful diary it would be look back on :-) 

I'm not sure if I'm able to blog every single day cause that sounds pretty insane since I was quite particular with what goes on here, but I'll try. So what I wanted to do was to blog the end of every week. I'm not sure how sustainable and accurate it would be because it's Wednesday today and isn't a Monday or Sunday since I was too busy. But we'll see how it goes hopefully! Every week perhaps I'll share some visuals here to remember the gist of whatever happened in the week big or small. 

This week was Hendrik's 1st month! I've never been to a baby shower so thanks for having me. However he was asleep most of the party which explains the second picture of Pete and his cousin without the birthday boy haha. I was told not to buy baby clothes cause he has so many already and so I bought cute shoes!!! You have to feel them they're so so soft. And also I'm a huge fan of Mothercare although I'm not anywhere near motherhood. I actually do wish they made adult clothes cause I would love them hahah. 

Oh and that picture with my sister and the cat. We have yet to name him but we will soon because he actually follows us home everyday. It's so cute cause he waits at the lift lobby for us, and when he sees us he Meows and then enters the lift with us. What a smarty cat for recognising us!!! We would wish to keep him but I do have a Gpig named Moo and I'm afraid the cat may decide to gobble him. 
So not for now. Moo > Unnamed cat

Lastly that's Joanne being very happy with the card she's received hahahaa. As you can tell she's very very elated, so was I whoops. But basically she's having an internship with Changi Airport right now so Pete and I made her this boarding pass with messages from my entire Lifegroup. It's really cool!!!! But I obviously didn't come up with genius idea because I'm not in design hahahah. Kudos to Pete Tong :-) You can actually even tear off the side of it and it's functional! Plus edges are clipped rounded hurhur. I do love cards like these, such geniusss

It's my final semester in school I can't believe it. I'm gonna miss my friends, having naps, and walking around school in hobo clothes and slippers, having lockers filled with art stuff, talking to profs and many many more. Appreciate it while you're in school!!! I'm starting to freak out knowing that I'm gonna be working soon. Btw, I would love to meet up now more than ever knowing that I'm gonna have to be slogging in the workforce very soon. Text/Facebook/E-mail me anyone if you may!

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