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Monday, 1 February 2016

Ah it's Monday whoops. Intended to do a post yesterday but my cousins decided to come over because they were nearby hahaha I'd definitely prefer that. And before I begin, please do ignore all the irregular spacings and borders or whatsoever because I'm rushing this to sleep early!! I want my body clock back hahah. 

I finally visited Open Farm Community! It was for a shoot so all the better :-) I had a shoot in there thanks to scenesg and hence was able to be there before opening hours. I've always wanted to visit this place because they grow their own herbs and there is a garden to walk around in, an open space for occasional event barbeques and also a cute little sand playground for kids and stuff. It was really interesting to see all the different things they're planting and also having farmers walk around doing what they're good at doing. So yes quite an experience! However it's quite inconvenient. Not as inconvenient as PS Cafe in Dempsey but still it'll be best if you drive hahaha which I can't. I've not eaten there yet but we had juices which was alright :-) 

I've been eating pretty yummy and affordable food this week so that's greaaaat. Especially this prawn mee near my church I've had it twice. Once with Pete and another time we brought Joanne too. I love it cause the portion is managable, which is strange cause we always hope for more on our plate. And it has this like chinese rojak place? I don't know if I'm describing right but you can pick wtv you want like toufu or fishcake etc etc and they'll fry it for you! I love eating small portions of everything so that works for me. The main thing here is the prawn noodle but the sushi was good too surprisingly. One of my better sushi express experiences lol. They have new stuff on the menu so good job but still Genki wins always. Only ended up here cause Orchard Central Genki is closed. 

Yay Chiewy came back this week and is almost not flying again for this semester. She's doing a documentary on Aceh and it looks amazing you can see more on @peumuliajamee! And Shermz is back from exchange too yayyy. Yay for me but I feel for her for going through post exchange right now. It's horrible I tell you. It's something GEM Explorer doesn't forewarn you about lol. It is real guys. 

Managed to grab dinner with Clara that day!!!! Ugh I love this girl so much I can't even. She's the most hilarious (my sister would agree with me) and one of the sweetest around seriously. Thanks bb for helping me resolve some FYP constipation that was going on inside my brain. There's still some left but nonetheless, it's better now :-)

Decided to drop by my grandma's place that day because I bought her some red packets for lantern making! After learning how to make lanterns from her, I realised she liked using those smaller Ang Baos (red packets) because it's closer to a square. I bought like 3 packets for her because I believe she would like them and I should deliver them soon because CNY is actually this coming weekend. Say whaaaaat?! Because of that 'Ang Bao Delivery' it triggered her to make like many many things. So that's her trying to make the tangerine? And her quality check is so so high, we all gave up except her lol.

Oh and also I found Pete at the doll house corner with Joia lol

WOLF BURGER WITH RACHDAWGXZ. We met for an exhibit at Goodman and were lost on what to do where to eat where to chill. Decided to head to Suntec for Pizza but this intercepted us along the way. Best decision ever. Just a disclaimer Pete was there too so we didn't all that by ourselves lol but obviously we did over order. Rach says 'Over ordering is always good' Sigh such motto in life hahaha. But anyways everything we ate was amazing, nothing disappointing. Oh and this was Pasarbella in Suntec! It's new and great so go check it out hahaha

That day was Laneway day. I don't follow Laneway or go to it but this girl is the hippiest girl I know and went every year except this lol . So I guess she's all I need hahaha

When Renndom met Airany :-) I'm such a huuuuuuge fan of these kids. Not so secret anymore but oh gosh I am such a fan. I've known them for about 3 years now and it's the first time I'm seeing them in real life. I'm such a fan that I was actually shy, sigh I totally regret cause then I could have like talked to them more or taken a better picture. I have a photo with them but I'm not posting that cause I look so shy wth. And of course I had to buy their book, got them to sign it but they ended up writing a short note in it so thank you <3

FYP Skype with Song made better because of cute baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's so so cute

And yup the reason why I couldn't blog on Sunday hahahaha. I love them so much I can't even explain it. Come to think about it, never had a boring day with them and I hope that we still continue to be the best of friends and cousins even through we are like so many years apart. I'm old :'(

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