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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The queue that made me feel something

Hearing about the free food and drinks given out during the week was different when I was there experiencing it myself. I just can't describe the kind of compassion and care that was at the place. In Singaporean terms, I felt that our 'Kiasu' spirit was actually turned into care for one another. I think my favourite has to be the umbrella rental that day. How original and practical hahah really loved it

Photographed by Joilyn

Photographed by Joia
Decided to pass these two my film camera to kill some time. And I've always wondered how kids viewed from their perspective. I'll post more of what they took next time :>

She lost a tooth that day

I thought about something that day just watching everyone being so sincere and really wanting to withstand the queue to pay their respects. It was really really heart warming and I felt that we possessed some sort of identity that we've yet to identify fully, but we'll get there. 

'We will never live to full gratification. The amount of gratitude we express after death, is never the same when living.' It's been quite apt for me since I'm actually doing a project about death. It's been a tough one really, especially having me go back to Malaysia to document certain things. It's so far away and tough logistically. But I have faith that everything would work out eventually and that it would be a heartfelt one at the end of the day (I really really hope so)

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