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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Salzburg in 'Velvia'

As you can tell this probably isn't anything like my usual editing. Not because I don't like it but more like I'm not 'that' cool or hipster to know how to edit this way. So welcome to "Velvia" Apparently my film went a little wonky, overly reddish which isn't my fault. And it can only be these 2 possibilities where the film is faulty (which is highly possible) or that the developer was too hot. I'm not a genius at film and I'm happy with this so lazy me wouldn't go figure out why and how this happened, now. But after the sem is over yes I will. Logically I think it would be the faulty film because I purchased Velvia in the streets of London at 2 pounds? That's like 4 bucks and comparatively it's supposed to be at least 10-15. Thank goodness she only had one roll if not I would have purchased them all since they're so cheap. 

I've been waiting to see these pictures of Salzburg for about 4 months? Because I've heard how beautiful Velvia slide films are and I wanted to try them for myself. I shot the most beautiful place with the most 'beautiful' film. And decided to ONLY shoot in film and my Iphone, hence leaving me with these. I know I sound pretty upset but I'm not (now) because they're actually really nice. When I collected them from Grace Digital Lab yesterday I was like 'NOOOOO THIS IS NOT HAPPENING' 
But yeah it turned out unexpectedly nice and cool, makes me look cooler than I should :> 

I know I'm not a typical popular blogger that advertises for anything. But I would seriously recommend going to Grace Digital Lab and no where else because they're able to do everything in an hour OR LESS. And it's really cheap. The owners are nice and very helpful. So yes definitely the place to go. It's located at sunset way so that's the West side of Singapore. I hope this helps you and that Grace will keep on developing our films if not I really wouldn't know what to do </3


  1. omg viv this is so beautifullllll

  2. and this is great because I'm looking for a new place to develop my BNW films!

    1. Hey Jia! They don't develop BNW!!!!!!!! :'( If you like black and white and darkrooms you should take the ADM mod :>