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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Xue Min's

This is way overdue but thanks Xue Min for having us over for Chinese New Year ^___^
Headed over for the most aesthetically pleasing and tasty steamboat ever, she's really great with planning and of course Sze Wee was smart about his salad hahah. As you can already tell from her house she has great taste. She also makes jewelry at @livlovjewelry so go check it out!! 

Anywayssssss, so after eating we played a card game which I totally forgot what the name was. But the point is, I'm so so bad at games. It's sad but true :-( I killed the game most of the time cause I either can't remember what my "role" was or like I forgot to raise my hand when I was called out- something like that. So yup a warning to all friends who wanna play mind card games with me, I'm sorry I'm horrible at it hahaha. Hopefully a next cny gathering in 2018 <3 

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