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Monday, 29 May 2017


It's 12am and I'm missing my friend here. Thought I'd finally upload the photos here. Losing my hard disk 2 months ago made me thankful that I had some photos on the internet. Hahah reasons to upload your stuff online, I guess that's a motivator for me. On a side note thanks to all friends who have wetransfered/ sent me back lost files, really appreciate ittt <3 What happened was my disk crashed all the sudden and I promise I don't even bring it out of the house although it was a portable hard disk. So tip 1, don't get Seagate disks cause after asking around and researching it seems like many others had bad disks with them too. I'm not a pro but just some things I've learnt about through my experience. ALL HARD DISK ARE MADE TO DIE. So please back up pleaseeee it was a horrible month for me of crying and being so sad so don't let it happen to you it's entirely unnecessary. PLUS I was quoted averagely 1.6k for disk recovery which is really expensive.  Ok and next, try not to get the latest model of hard disk? Cause chances of it having a "cure" is really low simply cause it's not out yet. So yes buy one that is slightly dated back I think. I repeat again that I'm no pro in these hard disk stuff so don't hold it against me. Lastly! I have an uncle to recommend for any hard disk or phone recovery. His name is Louis and he's very sweet, highly skilled and genuinely wants to help! He really tried to help me alot and I would highly recommend him for any data recovery services. Mine was not able to recover because it was a firm ware problem which seems to link to the bad manufacturing. And also cause it's made in 2016 and there's no software cure for it yet. Anyways reasonable prices too! He's almost close to retiring and just doing this for passion so if anything do contact him at 96912628. 

Ok this wasn't meant to be a hard disk post but oh wells. If any further questions about hard disk I would love to help you cause yes it's heart breaking to be losing your files. 

BACK TO SAIDA. For some reason I really love the first image although Pete and my sis would disagree they think it's not as nice as I say it to be. Haha we all have different taste. Isn't it strange that let's say you photograph someone and you think they look amazing in that angle but somehow they don't think the same way? For Saida it's like we agree on the same photos!! Makes it a lot more like "Yesssssssssss high-5" I guess it's also cause she looks amazing in all angles but it was so fun cause we were just strolling and just took some random photos and when she saw them she got so excited like "Ahhhhh" and I'm like "Ahhhhhh" 

I always am amazed with you find people that seem to align with you. Especially people that come from the most unexpected of friendships. Or from the other side of the world with completely different upbringings. It makes me thankful because tbh they aren't easy to come by. Stay safe and happy Sai if you're reading this <3

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