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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


I'm so bad when it comes to blogging now cause it's like you've stopped for awhile and it's strange to TRY be back at it. Most of the time I feel like I want to blog about something so that I don't go missing for too long but I don't really know what to say. So finally I decided to just post something off my desktop and write about it. 

So Hosin and I met for lunch at Riders Cafe! This was like one of the places I shot at almost 6 years ago? While there were still horses roaming around and you could actually pat them. Sadly now all the horses are caged up and you don't really see them galloping freely. I'm sure they still do but just not in the presence of us hahah. Brought Hosin there cause firstly we are both live in the West (yay to west side people!!! cause it's so so rare that it's a point to celebrate) and also she has never been here. So all the times I was here I have never eaten here and I have to say the food was not great. NOT GREAT. It's like every time I give a 'cafe' or '$25-ish dollar place' a chance and I conclude that I just don't have very good luck with it. I ate the mains and I tried hers as well, we both agree that it is really not that great at all. Maybe the desserts were good but I didn't have them cause we were already like meh so the end. 

After the meal we decided to walk abit to digest our not so worth it food and made some photos to finish up my film roll. These were digital because my films are having some issues right now. I'll explain more next time but it's quite a funny reason. And when you have friend like Hosin she's ever ready even if she has no make up on ahahaha. Now that everyone has mostly started working I appreciate times like this even more when you get to hang out anytime you want and have meals at less crowded timings. Thanks Hosin for driving us and asking me for lunchhh I love hanging out with you always so please don't move out of the West thx. 

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