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Friday, 12 February 2016

I'm late I'm late for the weekly post again. This is really hard to up keep cause my schedule is just always all over the place and I don't specifically feel like updating every Sunday. But I'll try. I had lots of photos here and there this week but because I'm rushing to bed I shall just summarize the two best days I guess. Last week felt like a good week, I met up with Chiewy and like See Ting. Just got to catch up spontaneously with people and that was really nice since I just feel demoralised all the time. Year 4 woes really, it's not that great to be a Year 4 although I do have to admit I was looking forward to FYP. Sounded kinda fun I guess getting to do whatever I want and getting support from your profs and what not. But well, it isn't whatever I thought it would be. 

(I hope)

So anyways I had a nice day with Pete on Friday because WE FOUND SOME LEGIT GERMAN BEER IN SINGAPORE. I mean HB has been something we've had in Germany, it wasn't our favourite there because Augustiner rocks everyone elses socks. But to have HB in Singapore from the tap?!?! I'm not complaining hahah. If you haven't had legit German beer it's worth the try, definitely. So yup yay, new comfort place if I'm feeling sad and missing all my friends abroad. Or better still perhaps a place to bring Sergi and Tomi because I think they're actually coming?!?!?!?!? To sunny Singapore!?!?! I never thought I could see them this early again but woosh, I just can't believe it. 

I think Pete and I have been eating pretty well. We eat very strangely, like small bits of everything. And I'm glad to say that we do have pretty similar taste buds except for his occasional old man food preferences- century egg and ginger or fish maw. So it's good cause we eat the same things and want to eat the same thing. Friday was a wonderful food day and great walk around weather so yay to that
And also I met these lovely friends on Saturday!! It was nice cause my sister just happened to come along with me to have Ramen with them. I really love my friends because they're just really welcoming flexible and chill with my sister as well or just friends that I bring along in general. Why thank you my friends for always being so nice and easy going, appreciate that :-) Also can you believe that I met them in Abercrombie, and we're goody friends till now. Haha friends that you meet in the most unexpected places. Like Zee Wee still runs by my place with apple struddel for my birthday and like Kee Lee just gives the best hand made presents which I think she should start a legit business for. I could go on and on but I should stop. 

So yup CNY has ended and it always feels empty when a festive high is over. Back to school and back to reality with all that worrying and anxiety and feeling lost and running in circles not knowing where everything is going, again. Hope you all are having a better week than I am 

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