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Monday, 4 May 2015

(Photo by Chrissi)
Thanks to every one of you that came and for all that love. Biggest thanks to my classmates who pulled each other through this module. It was a fun struggle doing this with you all

Thanks for the flowers Chrissi, and the big bolster chips Tong. Thanks for your gifts and always being such support all the way <3 I felt like a celebrity holding flowers to be honest hahaha

That's my cousins being very amused with this painting piece my friend did which requires you to look at it through an inverted coloured phone. (And that's Joilyn waddling hahaha)

Yay for family <3 
My biggest supporters in life I appreciate you so much

Sw and Ky came to surprise surprise!!!

Prof Meridel during our crit. We had crit on the day of exhibition hahaha

Thank you all for coming down from church hahaah. Chiewtong was trying to take selfies with me, WITH MY OWN PHONE

(Photo by Jolyn Ong)
Extended Image Class 2015. 

It's been a really tough one this sem but I'm glad I had you guys. It's amazing how a group of people can all be so nice and I'm thankful to have known this bunch of you. You literally see everyone helping each other and I don't think this is very common in art schools because it's usually very competitive. But omg my friends are so thoughtful and selfless. Like while setting up, my friend was trying to help me drill the walls for my canvas prints while 4 of them were helping me rush my stretching of canvas. It's just amazing when everyone is nice and I'm really happy to be with this batch of amazing people. I believe everyone here is talented in their own special way and it's a beautiful thing to watch them unfold and develop into something meaningful. 

Great show everyone!!! And thanks for everyone else that came down too but didn't have pictures together. Thanks for your time!!!! I'll most definitely remember and appreciate you guys too <3 

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