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Monday, 11 May 2015

Silas and Jessica

Congrats to this beautiful couple whom I had lots of fun shooting with. This was actually the last shoot I decided to take on before I flew to Germany last September. Was pretty risky but I'm glad we decided to do this. I met Jessica (@tippytapp) on scene.sg shoots with clicknetwork and I liked working with her because she's really easy going as you can tell from the pictures. It's crazy how I'm only posting these pictures now because it was hectic before I flew off. But yay, this was the shoot that made me decided that yes shooting pre-wedding with style makes a whole of difference. I loved the gown and the styling and the location, plus it was a huge bonus that the sun was great. My fav pre wedding shoot actually. It was really heart warming hearing about their love story while on the shoot and getting accounts from both of them was hilarious hahaha. However the funniest thing Silas said when the shoot ended was 'Why didn't you get any mosquito bites Jessica?' and when they looked over at me, they figured out why hahahaha

A+ blood attracts them mosquitos. I guess that's a plus point to my photography services
'No more bites just because, this photographer gets them all'

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