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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lake Constance

Dogs love snow very very much. Maybe except Chihuahuas

I woke up to a text this morning and she says 
"I would love to go for a walk with you and talk it over. And over and over until I'm normal again"

I got reminded about how much I've missed Helen and the walks we used to have. I love walking in cool weathers and just being together with a person I love. She's a real special friend that I'll always hold close to my heart and it's kinda sad not knowing when we'll meet again, but I'm sure we will somehow haha. Her text this morning made me happy because I'm like 'Aww it's mutual yay'

I mean not that I didn't know that before but it's like yay words of assurance. Haha I'm sorry I really love words that come in any form especially written. I feel that thoughts expressed in speech and written are completely different. Ok wait I like spoken words too. I'M CONFUSED but yeah ok words in any form I guess. 

Anyhow, my holidays are slowly officially to begin. The posting of my exchange pictures will begin soon because I've decided that I want to share my joy and favour that I've experienced the entire time there (and even till now)


  1. It's often said that in simplicity, life breathes colours.

    I love the white simplicity and the contrast of the wood shed in the foreground against the white. Of the snow covered trees and branches, and of the joy radiating from the dogs rolling around in snow. Of all the incredible depth in your subject's eyes, and of the words that seem to whisper "again"; even though they never do speak.

    Maybe I'm bias because I love seeing snow. Or that I generally like your work.

    This post might just be among one of my favourite photos of yours Stay awesome viv!


    1. Eugene your writing is impressive as always :') Thank you for your kind words!!! I never knew my photos could be so 'well-written' and I love reading them so much. And also thanks for always staying since the beginning, really appreciate it :>