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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Switzerland Road Trip #1

Five girls on a road tip to Switzerland. Not that many pictures because half the time we were trying to navigate our way through the fog. It was pretty haunting because the fog was so so thick and there were dogs howling at 5am in the morning. This was a visit to a castle at the border of Germany and Switzerland however it scared us to death when we saw the dogs sticking out their heads from the castle and barking like no tomorrow. That morning felt like a scene right out of the movies because of the fog and how grey it looked, the air was still and we were probably the only humans around. This was also the very first time I touched snow, it came as a present from Jone when she came running through the fog with hands behind her back. 

"Close your eyes" as she handed it to me
I had no gloves by the way

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