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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

It was the last Wednesday, I remember

Handmade dinner from the Polish girls

Czech wine 

Kasha making those fresh blueberry buns

Ended off the night with lots of hesitated goodbyes. It was the last Wednesday of the week and it was a surprise that these girls put a handmade dinner together for our farewell. Didn't exactly know how to feel because it was slightly awkward that we knew that it was goodbye but we had to be happy because it's always a joy seeing them. The worst came when we had to go off to continue with packing our luggages. I think it took us half an hour to say goodbye, with occasional tears and random hugs as we shuffled towards the door. I left on a Friday, and I'm thankful they decided to surprise me again on Thursday with some Polish jam from their garden which my family is having for breakfast these few days. 

I think this is the first time I took an entire roll of film in one night. Perhaps I realised I didn't use much of my slr while I was there because there was simply too many cameras to use? I've got to learn how to pick my preferred equipment and stick with it, and I think film is the way to go for me :>

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