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Monday, 16 February 2015

I drew Willy the whale on her ankle hahaha. She's probably super annoyed with me by now (It's been more than a year) because every friend I meet when she's around with me, I insist that she shows them her ankle with my art on it. She got it tattooed while we were in Bali and I've been the proudest artist friend ever since. Although Pete thinks it's the lamest tattoo he has ever seen, what horrible taste. 

So recently I've been crazily in love with this land cam polaroid I've been using. Firstly the polaroid itself looks amazing and it's easy to use haha. Oh before I go on I want to thank the person that lent it to me Wu Gang hahaha. I've never met you in person before but thank you so so so so so super much for wanting to lend me this. He's actually a friend of Edeline which I knew through Instagram, so yup conclusion is Instagram friends are great people. And he just thought that I would have more fun/use than he did so he offered it to me. Thank youuuu for being so nice really :') Not just him but there were many other instances as well of nice people I met on Instagram. But thank you so much really :')

Ok so yeah I'm done with the B&W film he passed me which is no longer selling in Singapore. I'm out of film I can't believe this </3 Gonna get more and spend money before I even get my Ang Baos this Chinese New Year. But yeah photos are always always worth it right. With this camera you get to count exposure time, peel it open and smell all that stinky chemicals. Love it. Initially while using it I thought it wasn't that amazing because it's so sharp and kinda looks like a digital image but came out instant. But the more I used it...

Current obsession, this land cam

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