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Sunday, 20 December 2015

My Christmas started with YunJing

Yayyy thanks to you I actually walked Orchard Road this year for Christmas! That is quite an achievement because if you know me I really dislike crowded areas, drains me terribly. Anyways! It's really quite amazing and I feel that Singapore has just leveled up with the new national gallery and Christmas as well. I haven't been to the MBS Christmas markets although I've heard it's really awesome. It's just because I want my memory of Christmas markets to remain as what I was in Germany or that I'm just lazy to be squeezing with everyone else hahahahaha. Orchard Road is pretty nice with all the live music and especially the great weather we're having right now so I'm glad I met YunJing and felt all Christmas-y together. I love meeting you all the time, stay awesome you wonderful friend. It takes a lot to get me out of the house, but of course I'll see you soon<3 

I'm currently very obsessed with Australis Next Top Model Cycle 7, very very much in love hahah

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  1. YAAAY. I love going out with you! HAHA our dance party photos. <3