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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Last Christmas

My Christmas stay with Helen in Lake Constance a year ago. Helen's mum told me that I was really lucky to be seeing so much snow because the year before there wasn't any haha. It came to a point that it snowed so much that she told me to stop wishing hahaha whoops. Falling snow is really pretty but there's something to just looking at sceneries like the last picture, with no obstruction of any sort. Just having everything around you still and quiet while you have a morning walk with your dearest pal. Just walking, not much talking at all. I miss that and I miss you Helen!

I've never been so prepared for Christmas unlike this year. I've been busy trying to make cards and gifts to send them to my friends I had Christmas with last year. I hope sending mail abroad isn't going to take forever. It's been a year and I can't wait till we all meet again, somehow somewhere :') I still miss all of you so much and I wonder why nobody ever told me about how much you need to deal with for post exchange. But then again, at least I'm thankful I have you guys to miss and great memories we can remember together. It was indeed the best experience of my life knowing you all <3 Sending hugs guysss

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