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Friday, 5 June 2015


We attract all the mosquitos that we guarantee you'll have none hahahah

What a friend. Made her stuff her head into from Frangipanis hahaha

I never had pancakes for a meal but the banana pancake was so so gooooood. I can never have desserts for a meal :( It always gives me a bad after taste, or I'd feel really empty sticky and gross. But these were good yum :>

Went to the museum to get our pictures taken, not for the art hahaha. Say whut? It was a such a nice day walking around with Yun Jing. First time I literally did not know where we're going. Ended up at this strange looking HBD and sat on the deck while occasionally throwing pebbles down. I can't believe we're this close to graduation, but I'm thankful for friends like you. Strangely we only got to know each other better while we were on our own exchanges. She was in New Zealand while I was in Germany, we sent postcards while hers came with extra finger tattoos hahaha. I never knew those existed?! And they were so cute haha they're still kept in my wallet right now. I like how she's always so full of energy and optimism, it helps me too. I've learnt much from you Yun Jing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll see you soon soon soon :> 

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  1. HIIIIIIIII <3 *secretly lurks around your blog and sits like that dude in Vivian Maier's photo*