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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Birthday-ing with Sophie before her actual day because coincidentally I'm going to be away tomorrow. Best part is, Sven's here!!!!!!!!! I just can't believe he's finally in the land called Singapore all the way from Stuttgart. It's like being reunited after 4 months. It's so cute that he flew down for Sophie's birthday how sweet :') We last saw him in the cold winter all wrapped up and near the fireplace trying to keep warm, but now we're all dressed in shirt and shorts. It's nice watching them love the Asian food (plus using chopsticks better than I do) so much and exploring around. I never appreciated Singapore as much as I should until I've heard more from these two about why they like it here. I really should be more appreciative of home. 

It still amazes me how cake or any form of dessert can make her so so happy :>

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