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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Finally got my portfolio site up thanks to final year hahaha. I've been bugged so much about this (thank you friends hahah) My friends are always telling how I need to compile my works into one site and not always just link my blog. I liked linking my blog for some reason because I type here and talk about mundane day to day life I guess. But anyways I did get a cargocollective going finally. It's so strange because I had this tiny voice in my head about how my FYP is going to be lauched on the FB page soon and it has a portfolio link but an empty website hahaha. It won't be very nice to have an empty site so on that very day I uploaded whatever I could. True enough my work was up on FB today hahaha. Thank God. I've some works up there, it kinda looks strange having all the thumbnails together and looking like that but oh wells :-) I hope to upload more in the future if I can hahah it was quite fun. Oh and the images above are from my large format which I love so much. Hahah they make me so excited and I hope to make so many more with this medium in the future, hopefully. 


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