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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Watermelon Twin

Rachel has her birthday one day after mine and we decided to get presents for each other this year. I've always called her my twin hahah, we've been friends since year 1 and they've been extremely dear to me. I'm not sure how we got obsessed with this watermelon thing but we've been pretty crazy about it. Perhaps a watermelon shoot together hahaha. Anyways that's Jon prancing and twirling with my watermelon umbrella from Rach. OHHH speaking of which my two friends Rach and Jon (and team) are making a film for their Final Year Project and it's really cool cause it's gonna be shot in Korea!!!!!!!!!!! I recently did a shoot for their poster which I'll share here soon. But please do support them if you feel for their project! It's a film about a father and a son. I'll share the details (the indiegogo page) and such in another post :> They're pretty worth supporting guys! So please do if you wishhh, they'd be super grateful really

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