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Monday, 19 January 2015

I know this isn't goodbye but I don't know what this is

I haven't been posting much at all during this period of time because to be honest I didn't really see the need to. Not that I didn't want to share my joy but just being away just made me think about alot of things. Not that I've entirely been in hiding, close friends have been in the loop of things of random adventures so it's not like I've withdrawn from the world. I've been relatively active on Instagram although posting lesser than I'm expected to haha. To be honest I'm not quite sure what the point of this post is for but since I'm dealing with jet lag and feel like typing so why not.

I think I've learnt much these few months. It's amazing how such short time would make you realise so many things about life. Just meeting people across the globe and being away from social media or just the things that take up so much of our time here was a good experience for me. Learnt alot about myself and had space to clarify my thoughts. Met really amazing friends whom I hate to say goodbye to. But I admit it's time to come home and I'm glad to be back with my family at last, missed them. However very thankful for the experience I had, can't really put in words but I sure do hope I remember them and carry them through in my life here :)

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